Celebrating Community - Inspiring Lives

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living is dedicated to loving, caring for, and welcoming all seekers of Truth who reach out to know God. This spiritual community honors the inherent goodness and divinity in all humanity, appreciating the rich diversity in the multi-faceted tapestry of our spiritual family. Healing takes place here, for this is a home we come to in times of joy or sorrow, laugher or tears. There is no judgment— only the divine embrace. At Seaside, understanding and support are the common expressions of love.

We are a growing, dynamic, spiritual community in which like minds come together to pray and to play. Many say that finding Seaside is like coming home. Spiritual principles are joyfully practiced and honored. And children are celebrated, as reflected in our stellar youth programs.

Seaside is a place of beauty and of renewal. We are the blessed stewards of holy ground. People feel the Presence here and know they are embraced in Love. In fact, our Mission is to lovingly put Spirit into action. Our Purpose is to celebrate our divinity, love our humanity, and serve our community. And our Vision is to be a Spiritual Nexus, inspiring people to live their Divinity.

Seaside is flourishing with classes and spiritual offerings, both in San Diego’s north county as well as virtually through electronic connections. We nurture and support small groups to enhance everyone’s sense of belonging and connectedness. In order to continue this work, our intention is to ensure that resources are ever available to fulfill our mission.