Rev. Lori has always had an unbridled curiosity about God, and Sacred Service is key to her spiritual practice.  She was initially led to Pacific Church of Religious Science with Dr. Kathy Hearn and later to Seaside.

Rev. Lori Sheets has been a Seaside Staff Minister since 2010.  During this time, she has served in various capacities … as the lead minister for Seaside’s Sacred Service program and Seaside’s Membership Ministry and the Director of the Youth & Family Ministry.  She currently enjoys teaching classes and serving in a variety of functions in support of the Seaside community.

Rev. Lori has a B.S. in Education from Ohio State University and a Master of Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Institute.  Her previous professional life included years as a Meeting Planner and Event Coordinator and, in recent years, she has traveled to Cambodia to serve on spiritual missions.  She enjoys painting, dancing, and reading metaphysical books in her free time.  It is her joy to wholeheartedly live and share our teachings wherever she is.