Seaside Ministries, Groups & Connection

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Seaside Kids
The Youth and Family Ministry of Seaside Center for Spiritual Living lovingly supports, empowers and celebrates children and their families. We are dedicated to educating children in the principles of the Science of Mind, and we are committed to fostering the experience of inclusivity,fellowship and service. We honor each child’s individual expression of Spirit throughout their lives.
Seaside Sisters Women's Group
Seaside Sisters Women’s Connection Group is committed to empowering women. We align with Spirit in sacred service; standing for personal and global transformation by nurturing self, awakening humanities’ reverence and restoring our earth.
Seaside Tweens & Teens
Spiritually conscious kids creating their best life!
Seaside Choir & Music Groups
Seaside’s rich & thriving arts & music department contains many fabulous components including our Sound Crew Team, Our Sunday Morning Jazz Band, our Wednesday Night Performers, our Seaside Choir, and the many people who make up these teams.

Our Seaside Jazz Band is directed by Bob Mathes, RScP, who has been a member of Seaside for over 24 years.
Seaside Earthcare Group
Our Mission for Seaside Earth Care's Connection Group:
We agree to transform our individual and congregational lives into acts of sacred stewardship, discarding harmful habits for new behaviors that demonstrate our respect for the interconnectedness of all creation.
Seaside Garden Connection Group
The Mission of Seaside Center for Spiritual Living's Gardening Ministry is to build community by increasing and enhancing our center's property and community garden through sustainable greening.
Seaside Men's Group
Calling all men to our monthly Saturday breakfast and discussion group. We meet the THIRD Saturday of each month at 8 am for a hearty breakfast and a lively discussion. At each month's meeting we will typically be sharing thoughts on an article from the current issue of the Science of Mind Magazine.
Wagging Tails Connection Group
Wagging Tails Animal Ministry honors the life of all God’s creatures, promising them our love, care and respect. We involve ourselves by supporting the animals in our Seaside Family as well as those in our community.
Seaside Wellness Support
To create a safe, nurturing space for all ages in which to celebrate our wholeness and support each other in wellness intentions in physical, spiritual, mental, and other areas of our lives.
LGBTQ Pride Group
Seaside's LGBTQ Pride group is dedicated to inclusiveness and offers a variety of resources specifically for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people and their family and friends. A variety of spiritual tools are available to support, empower, and inspire you in creating an abundant and meaningful life.
Welcome Ambassadors
Ushers and greeters at Seaside are often the first face people arriving to our center see. We're dedicated to being present, connected and prepared to engage visitors to our beautiful spiritual home.
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