A Prayer of Faith

Outside of time and the limitless

uncreated, yet forever present,

I live in the interplay of Divine Potential.

I awake to the high vibration of faith,

free-flowing through macrocosmic correspondence.


Conscious of who I am, dazzled by what I see,

I bring forth Divine inspiration,

raising my lower self to its highmost.

I am emancipated from the fear-filled self,

lifting me to a whole new plane of spiritual magnitude

where all is resolved by faithfulness to the truth.


Any abstractions that entered my casual periphery

now reverse themselves through faithful re-alignment

with the stabilizing element of this, my incarnation.

Knowing God as indivisible,

I am at peace with Its multiplicity.

Unobstructed and free from interference,

the battle between the higher and lower energies subside

as the clash of colors return to their perfect rainbow.


Even in the midst of darkness and doubt,

my faith and trust intensifies, proving God prevails.

Wakefulness, quieting the cacophony of this world,

finds the distortion of longing

replaced by a deep sense of spiritual knowingness.

I find the light, not by turning back from darkness,

but by courageously walking through it.


Faithfully claiming the Divine power I am,

self-assured of the perfect outcome,

I confidently step into my greatest challenge.

Knowing all the forces of the universe unite

to bring any imbalance to a complete healing.

I trust the shift takes place in my awareness,

giving my spirit the growth it came here to learn.


No longer deceived by the malleable ways of this world,

my soul’s eye becomes faithfully transfixed on God.

I dissolve any fears of folly by refusing to respond

to anything but the deepest and highest.

Grateful to have arrived at the point where I started,

in loving partnership with the Omnipotent,

I know this place for the first time, again and again

with a heart refreshed and renewed and a faith-filled spirit.


And So It is!


Rev. Christian Sorensen