A Prayer For Proper Perception

Being the instrument through which the heavens

reflect on earth, my perception is clear.

No longer bound by another’s will,

I find freedom in fulfilling the Divine Will.

Instead of stubbornly sticking to my perceptions

of what I think is true, I invite a higher way of seeing.

Love, which sets souls in motion,

speaks to my heart, and flings me like an arrow

into the world from its bow.

With the key in my hand that opens the door

to the greater dimensions, I perceive my tribulations

as the gifts they are intended to be.

My inner relinquishing of the voracious appetite

to rationally control perception, creates a transfiguring

and rippling effect of good in my world.

Recognizing the less I carry, the easier I advance through life,

making me impervious to the little petty games of the ego.

No longer succumbing to the temptations of earthly perceptions,

my heart opens to a finer compassionate way of being.

With the sensitivity of a deer and the courageousness of a lion,

I stand in the midst of the emotionally whirling energies of my world.

I see as God sees, perceiving a larger picture

than the personal concerns of the particulars.

I understand from a higher perspective

and am comforted by these insights.

No reversal can take this awareness away from me

as I’m carried like a ship on a journey across the ocean.

Like a proclamation of springtime for lovers,

I’m moved by Spirit to know as God knows.

Wildly embracing a greater trust for living,

the Divine intention births itself as me.

The inner splendor reveals the vision of heaven on Earth

and I’m grateful to know its blessings.

I surrender to this warmth of proper perception.

And So It Is!


Reverend Christian Sorensen