A Prayer for Our Nation

Recognizing God’s nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all

Is Heaven on Earth, Eden, the New Atlantis; One Nation under God.

The great divide of hatred, disease, and violence 

finds no place in this heavenly kingdom on earth.

This is where love and safety for all 

finds its ways without loss of freedom.


Angry mobs breaching security, chaotic scenes of violence and unrest, 

no longer win the screen time - for freedom reigns.

Amid the rioting forces of conspiracies, abuse and shameless assault of lies,

The Omniniscience knows the answers that dissolve the issues of today.

I surrender any fear or anger, 

realizing what I witnessed was the releasing of pent up 

collective frustration misguided in its release.


Divine Intelligence that created this Great Nation in its day

still guides it, this day, seeing it through whatever challenges 

confronts this beloved country of ours.

Divine Patterns of Harmony and Calm now prevail,

For the Wisdom that guides the Universe is

The same intelligence which guides our Nation now.


The influential of today 

are divinely inspired with answers for tomorrow.

Solutions and resolution beyond differentiating party lines 

emerge in the unifying hearts of enlightened leadership.

A new compassion and understanding never seen before

is now seen appearing in the souls of our leaders. 


Healing of broken hearts and ideals begins this moment. 

Forgiveness is practiced, caring expressed.

Unity is remembered, not ignited by war,

but by a freedom for all;

where honoring of beliefs and diversity is welcomed.


America’s Divine Heritage still inspires the soul of this Great Nation.

Every elected representative is the honest voice of their constituency,

Their mind is guided to solutions and resolutions

by the all-knowing Universal Intelligence

that never fails to reveal answers.

God is the Omnipresent Guiding Light in the affairs of our Nation.


Divine Intelligence enlightens not only those in positions of power

of the country but All people through this transitional time.

Anything detrimental to God’s successful evolution dissolves.

No act ever diminishes God.

A free interchange of ideas unifying in a common purpose,

are heard and understood, 

leading to healing our country now, resulting in 

a climactic moment of revelational insights of Love.


I am grateful to be alive at this time 

To bear witness to the intervening hand of God 

guiding our nation on a collaborative trajectory of greatness.

to One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


Rev. Christian Sorensen