A Prayer To Feel God's Love

It begins in morning when I awaken

in my beloved’s arms.

My eyes drink the splendor of Spirit,

O how Its love makes them sparkle.


As the senses come alive,

what was sleeping, opens to the freshness

of this timeless moment,

I can’t help but wondering how much

of pure love can I fully know.


Held in the Divine embrace, I look into God’s gaze,

with each rising pulse, my body is lifted

like two bodies released in one breath. 

My only desire is to know God more,

yet I yearn for spirit to be even closer.


I feel the warm breath of the eternal hum

blowing subtlely upon my inmost ear,

inviting me to enter this expanded state of awareness.

Succumbing to the rhythm inside me,

I’m ignited by a fire,

yet my body does not burn away

as my soul releases to a whole new experience. 


Brought to the edge of all I know,

I enter deeper and deeper to a place beyond

all other places, beyond the body itself,

the Divine and I merge into one.


Far inside the bodiless expression,

I find no language describing the road to paradise. 

I trust the myriad of invigorating surges

pulling and pushing me to the very brink

where I surrender to the pleasures of God.


Time fades away

as my human self grows weaker

to the ever-blossoming cadence of the Divine.


My boundaries dissolve one by one. 

I flow into eternity

In love with the Beloved,

I am enraptured by profound gratitude. 

I surrender even this radiant moment. 

a lingering scent of the Divine fills me

In ecstasy as I weep tears for the depths of love.


And So It is!


Rev. Christian Sorensen