A Prayer for Passion

Impassioned by awareness of the Divine Fire,

I feel a sudden rush of luminous consciousness.

Freed from countless identities of thought

which have weighed me down, I am introduced

again to the most exquisite states of my being.

Nostalgic for the wide horizons, the cosmic

dimensions unfold new frontiers for my playground.


Romanced by Spirit, my untrained mind

gives way to the opening of my heart. 

I find God’s radiant eyes looking through me

into all my relationships. I am touched

by Infinite Love accessing all my thoughts,

expanding Itself into all my words and deeds. 

Passing through thresholds of former impressions,

I rediscover the omni-dimensional richness offered me,

by simultaneous interaction of multiple perspectives.


Bridging the abyss of these points

with the communion of Loving Truth,

my relationships unveil their shrouded meanings.

The kaleidoscope of life does not fool me

into believing there is separation.

The ultimate unity, behind the diverse expressions

of our cosmos, is God.

No longer calcified by old programming

of how to be in relationships, I burst open the door

to ultimate manifestations,

initiating a chain of mystical events.


Grateful to be unfolding with clarified perceptions

of my journey’s direction, I feel the passion

of knowing Divine Power at last.

Realizing there is no room for a false self,

all dense light is freed from within.

In love with this dawning of the universe as me,

I reverently share my true self with all

whom I come in contact. 


And So It Is!


Rev. Christian Sorensen