A Prayer for Peace

Feeling true peace with every step,

I remember God’s graceful world in which I live.

Knowing peace is present within myself this very moment,

I awaken to the breath of life and recognize it Now.

With joy in my heart and a smiling countenance,

sunshine streams forth from my being.

My eyes are the windows through which God

compassionately looks upon the world.

My body is the vehicle through which the Divine

lovingly touches this place called Life.

My thoughts are the realms Spirit knows of Itself.

The raucous noise and explosive confusion

that upsets the balance, settles into it’s proper resting place

as the genuine simplicity of life makes itself known.

Harmonious thinking resolves all complications by

purifying my hidden false perceptions.

Not reckless with my creation nor proud in my plenty,

I mindfully share contentment without making a show of it.

Producing without possessing,

growing without domineering,

there is no exploitation,

as the myriad of all acts in accord.

Being in concord with heaven,

the sharp edges of the weapons of discontent are rounded

as I profoundly live in the instinctive certainty of who I am.

I find strength and peace in flexibility.

Without any ulterior thoughts,

I return to the unspoiled innocence of the garden.


Rev. Christian Sorensen