A Prayer For Spirit's Quest

Toward the perfection

of love, joy and beauty,

I embark upon the Quest

to the eternal spaces of my soul.


Within my heart the lights of heaven shine.

In harmony with Spirit, I become one

with what I truly believe I am.

My soul’s longing is the panoramic arc

by which I set my course.


Moving through the portal of attachment,

I enter a clear, expansive world.

As vistas of new possibilities expand,

I comfortably leave behind parts of my old self

which no longer serve me in this pilgrimage.

I bravely move toward the ever-vanishing

horizons of my soul’s awakening.


In this exploration to the most remote

place of my consciousness,

I courageously face the darker recesses in my soul

where renewal and rebirth takes place.

I experience forgiveness

for the fallibility of my human judgements;

I allow a finer self to step free

from my reclusive cell, which once entombed me.


In this fresh light, I faithfully honor all others.

Feeling the greatest joy to see them prosper,

and succeed in their hearts’ desires,

I lovingly give my full support

in cheering everyone to their fulfillment in life.


The universe, with its reciprocating energy,

gloriously bathes me in illuminating light.

Yet I move beyond my senses as I watch

the timeless, spaceless moment enrapture me

into a whole new state of knowingness.


Then, I am whisked beyond even this point

to a higher level of awareness.

And here, at the fulcrum of my consciousness,

where time and space merge into one vast whole,

I am in peace, at last, O God, I am at peace.


And So It Is!


Reverend Christian Sorensen