A Prayer for Transition

God is Life!

This life is perfect complete and whole,

yesterday, today, and for eternity,

I live on this endless journey through eternity

where natural cycles and rhythms of life exist.


Life is not stuck, static or stale.

Recognizing the perfection of God

cannot be altered,

this perfection is constantly

expressing through me.

I am centered in the perfect peace of God.


I let go of seeking my way and unify

with the Love of God within me.

Feeling everything in my world

becoming more harmonious and congruent,

all resistance fades away.

The Light of God radiates from me.

Wisdom speaks through me.

Truth supports me.

I confidently step through

to my greater experience of Life.

All destructive thoughts of despair,

discouragement, insufficiency,

find no refuge in my consciousness. 

Conditions have no power over me.

Anything I might have feared

is powerless over me.

Having no regret for the past,

nor fear for the future,

I die to the old limited self

and am born into the fullness of Spirit.


I claim the life-giving power as my Life now.

There is no place where God is not

on this plane of awareness.

My soul is restored,

replenished and renewed.

Knowing God as Life,

I realize this life

cannot be created or destroyed.

I am of this Eternal Life.

I do not need to die to become immortal

for I an immortal now!

With this deep understanding

the fear of death is gone,

freeing me to live fully now.


This Loving Life Force is omnipresent;

it shouts to me from everywhere I look.

I come to realize I am not going

to be meeting God anymore

when I leave this physical plane

than I am given the opportunity

to know Spirit here today.


I choose to know this is only one

stopping place on my path

to greater Divine Awareness.

I am grateful for my belief

in the eternality of the individual soul

that is forever expanding.


I rest in peace knowing that who I am

continues beyond this mortal coil.

I am filled with appreciation

for the understanding of awareness

which I choose to identify as me,

as being far greater than this physical temple

known as my body.


Thankfully I find comfort

in the knowingness that Life continues on.

I let go, trusting the currents of eternality

carry me on my perfect path.

Courageously I surrender my limited self

as I triumphantly step through the door

to Eternity.


And so it is!


Rev. Christian Sorensen