A Prayer for Wholeness

The nameless Glory, forever undefined,

resolute in Its perfection, appears on the outside,

yet exists wholly within, remains fresh and vibrant as my life.

Ecstatically entwined as the same miracle,

I live in the freedom of eternity.


Pondering myself as part of the Whole,

I realize the Whole of this universe breathes within me.

In the caprice of my understanding that reason cannot claim,

every direction I turn is a road to knowing God’s Presence.


Any dis-cord, dis-ease, dis-harmony

that appears to my mortal awareness,

dissipates as the undisturbed omnipotence

dispels everything unlike Itself.

With Divine determination, I escape Selfhood’s vicious tyranny.

Divine Sovereignty reigns supreme in my kingdom for God,

which is the everlasting state of perfection

and it naturally turns winter into the dazzling hues of spring.


Stepping free from my pain,

the unending spiritual healing force eradicates

all grievous and unwanted irritations from my body and affairs.

This re-emergence of the God-awareness rising free,

engulfs the innumerable ploys of the seducer’s sickness.


Yanking the thorns of existence from my heart,

I bravely traverse the valley’s depths.

Coming to realize how all the pieces of my life

are linked to the wholeness of who I am.

Burdens are relieved, concerns comforted, struggles alleviated,

as the ignorance of this world is annihilated by God-Consciousness.


Understanding this life’s journey is going on within me,

the Eternal Divine manifestation lifts me

above the world of form to one of creation.

Just as a bird flies when freed from its cage,

I too, naturally return to the origin of my wholeness.

And So It is!


Rev. Christian Sorensen