Welcome to our 2021 Adventures in Prosperity:

Everything Pledge, Simplified!

Welcome to Our 2021 Adventures in Prosperity! 

A Moment of Choice

We have simplified Pledging. On this page you will find Everything About Pledging to Seaside for 2021: 


Online Pledge Card (2021 Estimate of Giving):  Click here to fill it out and submit, it's easy & quick!


Questions about Pledging:  Check our our supporting information and brochures below. 

2021 Adventures in Prosperity Newsletter: Full of Articles on Prosperity and Pledging below.

Have a Question Not Answered Here: Email or Call Seaside


And Thank You for Making a Difference! 

Virtual Pledge Card - 2021 Estimate of Giving

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Plain Talk About Pledging

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Pledging But Were Afraid to Ask

Some Common Questions about Pledging Answered:

  • What is a pledge?

  • Never pledged before?

  • You talk about money a lot

  • What is Automatic Giving?

  • Why should I pledge? I give money whenever I can

  • What happens if my circumstances change?

  • What the heck is auto-tithing

Pledging Simplified


2021 Adventures in Prosperity Newsletter