-Enrichment Offerings-

Create a Grand Vision for Your Life with

Rebecca Berry, RScP & Kay Samuelson, RScP

You will learn and practice a powerful breath technique called

Pranayama which will increase the oxygenation in your body for greater overall health as well as providing a connection from your unconscious to your conscious mind.  Through this connection, old traumas and deep-seated

patterns can be released and healed leaving you with an

increased sense of Presence, Peace, Awareness, and Bliss.


Release blocks, physical and emotional pain,

creating more comfort in your physical body.


Develop the ability to attain a higher state of

consciousness for meditation.

Space is cleared so new intentions and goals are created.


1 Day a Month - Wear comfortable clothes & bring a mat & blanket.

Saturdays, January 25th - Rose Room

February 22nd - Family Room

March 14th - Family Room

 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Class Fee: $25