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Thursdays | 6/25 to 8/13 | Zoom | 6p PST - 9p PST | $225. Click HERE to Register

The purpose of a Spiritual Education is to better individuals’ lives and improve the world we live in through the sharing of knowledge. When we focus on things that have to do with the spirit and consciousness and how we approach life, it moves beyond psychological. It moves into how we organize our thoughts, how we see the power of our thoughts and ideas that we bring forth through the words that we say, how we see ourselves in living with others and how we perceive life. The spiritual thinker is the perfect person to look at what we do because they’re looking to understand: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the essence of my life? And those are the kind of things we approach in the classes and workshops offered at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living.


Named one of the foremost educators in the area of Spirituality in the 2016 special edition of Newsweek, The Centers for Spiritual Living classes are designed to assist you in remembering who you truly are - a Divine Being with unlimited possibilities. Each class focuses on a different aspect of how you can gain empowerment through your connection to Spiritual guidance and become your highest potential.

School of Spiritual Leadership Professional Education Programs

In search of greater fulfillment, purpose and effectiveness in your personal and professional life?

Then Centers for Spiritual Living’s School of Spiritual Leadership may be perfect for you!

In conjunction with the Holmes Institute we offer both an accredited master’s degree program in consciousness studies, a path to becoming a Science of Mind and Spirit Minister

and certification training to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. Learn More

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