Winter Classes Start January 12th! Plus Submit a Proposal to Teach, Proposal Form Below - Deadline 2/28

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Here are some ways this new Education season can expand your horizons: Unconscious conditioning informs decisions, actions and reactions. Understand how patterns of thought and behavior divide us and prevent being inclusive despite good intentions. Practice supportive methods in different forms to consciously embrace personal growth. Find which meditation or practice works best for you. Explore interspirituality and the unity of spiritual ideals. Journey the mystic’s path, awakening to Infinite Reality. 

CSL Certificated Classes at Seaside


Thurs | 7 weeks | 1/28 - 3/11 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST | Zoom | $230 | Click HERE to Register

A new Certificated Course taught by leading CSL visionary, Dr. Christina. Participants will embody spiritual practices and scientific discoveries to support wholeness in everyday life. Learn More / Register Click HERE

Seaside Workshops, Retreats, Mini-Classes, Practices

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Wednesday | 1/20 | 6pm - 7:30pm PST | Zoom | $10 | Click HERE to Register

Introduction to Reiki gives newcomers a brief background of reiki, what it is and how it benefits the individual. Students will also experience a guided meditation during which they will receive reiki as a part of a group. To Register Click HERE

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Saturdays | 1/23 - 2/27 | 6 weeks | 11:00am to 12pm PST | $72 | Click HERE to Register

Stressed from the quarantine and its effects? Crave a community of practice and support from home? Harmonize Your Body, Mind and Spirit with T'ai Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement, an easy to learn and practice moving meditation in community on Zoom. Learn More / Register Click HERE


Saturdays | 1/9 & 1/23 | Zoom | 4p PDT | Love Donation | Click HERE to Register

Rev. Rebecca has a gentle, yet powerful approach to healing and reconnecting with our inner self. Breath Work is a drug free way to boost immunity, release stress, and experience Bliss. Learn More / Register Click HERE


Interested in Teaching at Seaside? Deadline is 2/28!

Seaside workshops, retreats, mini-classes and practices complement, expand, and enhance spiritual growth opportunities for the Seaside Center community by broadening the range and scope of personal and spiritual development opportunities! Thank you for your offer to contribute your experience and expertise to Education at Seaside.

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Download PDF File | Answer Questions in Word Document | EMAIL Proposal   

Submitting a proposal is easy. Just download the PDF File. Type your answers in a word document. EMAIL your completed proposal to Jennifer Diallo, M.Ed, RScP, by 1/28 to be considered for Spring Classes. Any questions, EMAIL Jennifer. We are excited to receive your proposal!