A Prayer for the Planet

The breath of Divine lovingly nourishes 

the Whole and breathes through this moment.  

Wisdom which shines through mind and love

warming the heart, unfolds Its glorious self. 

The Light dissipates darkness. 

Faith consumes doubt and trust melts fears,

inspiring the Spirit within to remember its Truth.  

I dance the dance of happiness, and sing the song of joy.

I am liberated from the foes of misperception 

by the power of love.  

I practice peacefully the fullness of the Divine Way, 

the Way of Love and Oneness.  

Conflicts that appear on this planet

are now peacefully resolved through unparalleled thinking, 

inspiring communications and clearer understandings. 

This beautiful heavenly Earth 

is the ideal habitat for the miracle of human life.  

The young and old, rich and poor, 

those from the North, South, East and West, 

join hands, minds and hearts 

in an unprecedented way for the good of the Whole.  

The recognition of one united family 

emerges with the embrace of diversity.

I trust the Designing Intelligence of this Universe 

to successfully bring forth the next step 

of our Planet’s maturing and evolutioning.

Leaders sit down together and come to know 

the next steps and find the courage to take them.

I see nations honoring one another's uniqueness 

and working together to support humanity’s

harmonious co-existence with our Planet.  

I embody the concept all things are possible,

the threat of war dissipates, 

man's inhumanity to itself dissolves,

and the detrimental impact to the environment declines.

I joyously accept my place and involvement 

with this unfoldment upon the Planet. 

I consciously make the right choices in support of the Whole.  

My life is a reflection of a life of balance.


In Love,