A Prayer For Self Assurance

Freed from myself for this moment,

the face of the unknowable

is revealed in the heart of my awareness.

Expanded vistas, bestowed by God,

liberate me from self-imposed narratives

which used to limit my life.

I now surrender myself to the Divine flow

just as the river surrenders itself to the sea.


I am awakened from my slumbering state

by God-driven tribulations.

Surprisingly, I become aware that it is

God Itself shaking my very foundation

for me to step into a greater self-knowingness.

I am no longer negligent to the dehumanizing

effects that self-doubt brings to life.

Wisely, I dislodge my awareness

from the grasp of small-mindedness,

to discover the doors to my inner citadel

thrown wide open to my true potential

as though it were the first day of spring.


Awakened, my inner genius converts

the great detractor of fear into

a mighty force for good – and my power returns.

No matter what others have said,

I know my value and self-worth

for I am an expression of God.

The consortium of self-defeating mind chatter

is banished forever from residency in my awareness.


I am now de-hypnotized from the infliction

of limited belief in the rational realm of thinking.

Self-generated doubt cannot interfere anymore

with the ability of the Infinite Presence

to neutralize the illusion of the senses,

ultimately expressing as me – Magnificently.


Self-assured, I find the inner confidence,

the brilliance, and the spiritual audacity

to release God’s glory as me.  Finally

unbound of the push and pull of self-doubt,

my conscious thinking assuredly swings back

to the true seeds of my divine abilities.

No longer paying the toll of tears

for what I have missed, I am free at last.

I am the instrument through which the Christ

finds entrance into human consciousness.

Confidently, I step into all situations I face

with the profound power of the Presence

going before me - as me - into all I do.


And so it is.



In Love,