Prayer for A Love Pandemic

A Wave of Love Spreads Around the World

During this quickening, a New Story for good emerges.

The power of Love spreads like wildfire throughout the world,

Wiping out hatred and fear from the human mind. 

The Divine Nature of all things is now revealed:

God is Love and Omnipresent, 

It’s expression is perfect, and this is my expression now.


In this unprecedented and fertile era

The tautological God seeds are blossoming all around.

Being clear, calm, caring and compassionate, 

I emanate a balanced heart and head in my seeing.

While honoring other people’s choices,

I courageously choose a new perspective for the emergence of Spirit in my life.

Respectfully, I assist the vulnerable and those who are suffering. 

I honor the Lost, offering love and compassion to their families. 


In this great collective pause, I breathe in Love and light

realizing there is nothing to fix because there is no going back. 

The psychic configuration of the past is now severed

from busyness with its addiction to fatigue.

The supersonic speed of today, the cacophony of division, 

and patterns of disconnection are all being disrupted.


Free from fear, I no longer make what fear brought to my awareness wrong.

The internal battle is gone. The Higher View of Love brings me 

to a hearing and understanding of what is unfolding from a peaceful heart.

I am comfortable in the unknown as I realize what’s is transpiring

Is the deepest parts of the human shadow being transmuted.

I create space in my field of awareness to see the revelation of a new dawn. 

Not caught in the frightful broadcasted headlines 

and conversations of impending fear and doom, 

I surrender my anxious mind to the Greatness of God.

Boldly I step into the spiritual leadership I am called to serve.

I awaken alert and clear from the collective slumber.

I am aware of my oneness with the Universal Presence which creates all things, 

Reverberating through me is the manifesting magnificence of Spiritual Love.


Not waiting for others to light their candles, audaciously I lift my light, 

declaring through right action, my own connection with sisters and brothers around the globe.

Breaking out in this present moment is a safe sense of our togetherness 

on this planet of one diverse human family.  

As I breathe freely, love surfaces in the interconnected network of humanity. 

Knowing there is no longer an option, 

the re-design, of societal impact on earth 

moves us away from exploitation to regeneration and collaboration.


Together we heal, together we breathe love and together a New Wisdom appears that works for all.

Gratefully, I am daily renewed by the renewing of my mind

through the inexhaustible wellspring of love. 

In letting go of my struggle, I am released to the healing power of grace.

I live by a higher faith that is greater than any worldwide paralysis to fear.

I move in greater peace, trusting the Intelligence that created all things

to guide me through this Divine quickening.

I have my being in this ever-spreading wave of Love throughout the world. 


And So It is!


Rev. Christian Sorensen