Our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners support others in creating healthy, vibrant and fulfilling lives. They recognize the creative power within us all and use positive, affirmative prayer to heal and transform the lives of others. 

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Meet Our Practitioners

Seaside Practitioners At a Glance

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Annie Prescott, RScP
Bob Mathes, RScP
Brian Atkins, RScP
Candace Young-Schult, RScP Emeritus
Carolyn Holder, RScP
Cathy Bacquet, RScP
Deb Sadler, RScP
Denise Harmon, RScP
Ed Cox, RScP
Ellen Rice, RScP Emeritus
David Kennedy, RScP
David LeMaster
David Yankaskas, RScP
Dennis Mills, RScP Emeritus
Joanne Millison, RScP Emeritus
Kathleen Lees, RScP
Katie Boggio, RScP Emeritus
Kay Samuelson
Michelle Degaris, RScP
Marianne Barlow, RScP
Pamela Hower, RScP
Patti Christensen, RScP
Penny Miller, RScP
Ray Holder, RScP
Rev. Rebecca Berry
Rosemarie Ramirez, RScP
Sandra Jenkins, RScP
Sara Awad, RScP
Sharon Deleon, RScP
Shelley Dill, RScP
Suzanne Ward, RScP
Tom Scoullar, RScP
Tim Griffen, RScP
Trudy Seifke, RScP
Victoria Wood, RScP
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Meet Your Seaside Practitioners!


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Annie Prescott, RScP

Brian Atkins, RScP

Born in Ridgecrest, CA, Brian says he has always been a self-help junkie. He loves learning and growing, because he feels it helps us make the most of our precious lives. Brian says that his role as a practitioner has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. He believes his purpose is to reach out to help others.


In 2002, Brian became a Licensed Practitioner at Seaside. Brian is currently enrolled in Ministerial School at the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies.


Ranked as ATM Silver, Brian enjoys his volunteer work with Toastmasters.  His hobbies include surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and partner dancing. He is also a runner and has run nine Marathons.

Candace Young-Schult, RScP Emeritus

Seaside is Candace’s spiritual home where she finds joy and support and the healing power of prayer and acceptance. As a practitioner since 1999, it is her privilege to know the truth for her clients and to see the absolute beauty and strength in each person. It is her joy to pray and counsel with others assisting them on their spiritual path to remove blockages that keep them from knowing the truth and beauty of their connection with God.


Candace sings in a variety of choirs. She is a creative person whose present joy is creating jewelry. She is also an artist who enjoys working in several mediums including acrylics, watercolors, and drawing. She enjoys travel and connecting with people of differing cultures. Candace sees herself as not just an American citizen, but also as a world citizen working to create peace in whatever way she can.


Married to Roy since 1977, Candace is the stepmother of three married adults and the grandmother of six.

Carolyn Holder, RScP

It is Carolyn's joy to share transformational tools of healing in practical and effective ways to practice the “Presence” while demonstrating the abundance of God inherent in each of us. It is also her passion to dance, and through hula she shares the Aloha Spirit as an ambassador of unconditional love. 


A native Californian who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, she discovered Religious Science through classes with Terry Cole Whittaker. Carolyn became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003 and a Master Practitioner in 2007.


Carolyn and her husband Ray, also a Licensed Practitioner, live in Encinitas and each have a son and daughter. Together they have four granddaughters and one grandson.

Cathy Bacquet, RScP

To Cathy, born in Dallas, TX, faith is knowing that each day brings a new revelation. With each revelation, she comes closer to the Truth, recognizing her own Divinity, and all the many aspects of God as Cathy. Recognizing these qualities in herself helps her recognize them in others. 


Cathy’s experience with illness and the healing that took place has also made her realize that illness and pain is the path that some people take in order to experience spiritual as well as physical healing. Since illness is the impetus for healing, there is no need for remorse or guilt or despair. We are all divine beings with our own divine paths. Rejoice in our oneness with God and know that the Abundance of the Universe is ours now.


She became a Licensed Practitioner in 2000. 

Dave Kennedy, RScP

While Dave was born in Lima, OH, he was mostly “raised” at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA. Attracted to Religious Science by Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker in 1976, Dave knows that the principles of Science of Mind have had a major impact on his life. He frequently expresses his gratitude to be a Religious Science Practitioner and to serve Seaside.


He was attracted to Religious Science by Rev Terry Cole-Whittaker in 1976 and in 2004, he became a Licensed Practitioner. Dave feels Science of Mind has had a major impact on his life and he is so grateful to be a Religious Science Practitioner and to serve Seaside.”


He is an avid reader and volunteers at Seaside in numerous ways. 

Dave lives in Carlsbad near his daughter, Erin, and his young grandson, Wyatt, with whom he gardens. His daughter, Ashley, lives in Hawaii. 

David LeMaster, RScP

He grew up on a small Kentucky farm of green hills and wayward cows. His wild spirit rarely conformed to the wishes of his teachers at his small high school, and he swore never to be trapped within school walls again. 


A voracious reader and one who revels in solitude and nature, David became interested in New Thought and studied for several decades.  Having no Centers nearby, he discovered the existence of online classes.  They were the answer to his prayer.  He now serves as a distance Practitioner.


David is honored to meet with clients and students for prayer treatment, and maintains an online face-to-face practice with “Zoom,” a secure, private meeting space.   In addition, he has authored one book and is currently completing a second.

David is married to Beverly.


David Yankaskas, RScP

David believes that his story is unique, and yet common to others in many ways. Divorce, business failure, layoffs, loss of three members of his immediate family to cancer, and financial concerns were some of David's challenges. To him, Seaside is a healing place, a place of peace "like no other.”


As a Licensed Practitioner since 2012, David knows for himself his oneness with God and quoting Ernest Holmes, he knows "Change your thinking, change your life.”


David loves to travel, listens to jazz and classical music, is an avid reader of history and the sciences and, time permitting, swings the golf clubs on occasion. He lives in Carlsbad.


David’s intention is to be welcoming and, in praying with you, that you come to a place of peace.

Dayna Vogt, RScP

Dayna was born into a highly matriarchal family, all from California, knew she “came here to love, and was born a practitioner.” 

Dayna moved to Encinitas in the 1980's with her three children, ages 2, 4 and 5, following a divorce.  

Life brought many opportunities for growth while raising three children as a single parent earning one salary, and Seaside became a bigger part of her life.


She loves to write and craft personalized wedding and memorial services. She is committed to serving her individual Practitioner clients with love, confidentiality, compassion and Divine inspiration. Dayna also specializes in serving clients who live out of the area, by meeting online, as well as in person.


Deb Sadler, RScP

Deb grew up in Westport, CT. She is passionate about many things including growing as a Practitioner where she sees the infinite potential and possibilities for a limitless life for each individual. 


Deb knows that education is the key to changing the world and how we react to it as everyone comes together in compassionate action. She is a cutting edge leader in restorative justice. She knows raising consciousness is the key and loves students are leading the way. People need to know there is hope for a world that works for everyone. Imagine that! 

At age 25, Deb discovered astrology and began to study metaphysics on her own. Her  earth and astral studies honed her skills in meditation and deepened her relationship with Spirit and Earth in a holistic and creative manner. 


Deb became a Licensed Practitioner in 2015. She has a BA in Literature.

Deb currently lives in Encinitas, CA with her husband Jim. They are the proud parents of two sons, Jesse and Brendon, and a daughter, Ada.

Denise Harmon, RScP

Denise Harmon was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised on Long Island. Reflective of her earlier life as a dancer with Alvin Ailey and the American Ballet Theatre, Denise chooses to be “the choreographer of her life.”


In 2003 while at Seaside she had an explosive epiphany which led to her realizing a philosophy and a way of life that she could embrace. This passion culminated in her becoming a Licensed Practitioner in 2013. 


Honoring the path of each individual, she welcomes the opportunity to assist others in knowing their strength and spirit and assist in redirecting thoughts, beliefs and energies for the momentum of their hearts desires.


Denise continues her interests in music, dance, movement, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Jazzercise and Water Aerobics. She has two children Gina and Cali along with three grandchildren. Denise now lives in Carlsbad. 

Dennis Mills, RScP Emeritus

Dennis came to Seaside in 1992 during a time of personal turmoil and found a supportive, loving community that shared his joy and grief.


At Rev. Christian’s suggestion, Dennis took the Foundations class. He chose to sky dive for his final project and said, “I jumped into a fabulous future with no idea what was coming. Going on faith, supported by SOM principles and my Seaside family, I was on my way without looking back.” Dennis became a Practitioner in 1998 and Master Practitioner in 2003. 


Dennis is married to the love of his life, Ginny and has four children, Dale, Robert, Derrick and Charlotte.  


Dennis grew up in Kentucky, Michigan and West Virginia before moving to San Diego.


Dennis continues to serve Seaside as a Practitioner and is always open for new opportunities to serve.

Ed Cox, RScP

From a family of “do-it-yourselfers" on a farm in Illinois, he learned to do most anything and everything, became independent, and enjoyed meditative time and being in nature."Those experiences shaped who I became as an adult."


On his lifelong path of self-discovery, Ed rediscovered his intuitive side and has taken many psychology and metaphysical classes and became a Licensed Rebirther. Ed enjoys supporting Seaside and its members and strives to be an example of living these principles.


Drawn to Religious Science by Terry Cole Whittaker in the 1970s, Ed became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003 and a Master Practitioner in 2007. 


Ed is married to Dolly Shi and lives in Encinitas, CA. He has a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter.

Ellen Rice, RScP Emeritus

Born and raised in San Diego, Ellen knew when she married and started her family that she wanted to raise her children to know God. As she was looking for a “church” to call home she was influenced by Rev. Terry Cole Whittaker and Catherine Ponder. She found home in Religious Science, became a Licensed Practitioner over 20 years ago and eventually migrated to Seaside. 


Ellen thanks everyone for the love that has been shown to her here and says, “I have lived in the Grace of God and loved every minute of it. And so it is . . .” 

Esther Jones, RScP

Ginny Mills, RScP Emeritus

Jennifer Diallo, RScP

Joanne Millison, RScP Emeritus

Joanne’s outer journey began in New England, and then on through an idyllic childhood in Hawaii to California. During her 30-year career within the travel industry, Joanne traveled extensively, expanding her awareness of the unity of mankind and her appreciation of our diversity.


She considers it a privilege and a joy to hold the Seaside community in prayer, to know the Truth about those who Spirit draws to her, and to support and empower each person in deepening a personal relationship with God and expanding his/her consciousness and self-realization. She has been a practitioner since 1999.



Serving as a practitioner is an opportunity for Joanne to share all that is dearest to her heart: a passion for Truth, faith in Love’s healing nature , reverence for the power of the Word, awareness of the value of listening, commitment to divine service and appreciation of spiritual community.

Kamran Moradi, RScP


Kathleen Lees, RScP Emeritus

Kathleen, born in Los Angeles, is a second-generation Californian. Always interested in the arts, she knew she was not an artist herself but loved being part of the creative process and practiced seeing beauty wherever she went.


So grateful to find a spiritual home at Seaside, for the first six months she cried through every service. Out of curiosity, she signed up for the Foundations Class and did not stop until became a Practitioner in 1996.


Her ministry is to expand the consciousness of Religious Science beyond Seaside and into practice in the community. She believes that her gift is to always see the highest and best good for all concerned and to know, privately, that God is always present. She is very clear about the power to manifest your dreams.


She is married to the love of her life, Dennis. 

Kathy Nelson, RScP

Kathy Nelson, a California native, discovered her "heart-self" through friendships, painting, philosophy, and poetry vs. traditional religion.


In 1977, while visiting in San Diego, Kathy attended a Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker seminar that introduced her to the spiritual ideas that changed her life. She began taking classes at Seaside, became a Licensed Practitioner in 1996 and a Master Practitioner in 2007. 


Kathy deeply enjoys her Spiritual practice, the study of consciousness and serving others on their spiritual journeys. "Through life’s ups and downs, we find the opening to our spiritual nature and our deeper understanding of Oneness appears,” she says.


Today, Kathy maintains a thriving life and has a passion for painting, finding happiness through her creativity.


Kathy lives in North San Diego and shares her life with her partner, Joe, her family, friends, and Boston terrier, Jake.

Katie Boggio, RScP Emeritus

Born in Helper, UT and raised in Los Angeles CA, Katie has been on quite the journey, has traveled extensively world-wide and has explored many different paths to spirituality and healing. When her 17-year marriage ended in divorce and caused such extreme emotional pain and she considered suicide. Instead it became another spiritual experience that caused Katie to choose Life. 


Inspired by a wise Medicine Man to find a “teaching of positive thinking,” Katie serendipitously found Rev. Terry Cole Whittaker along with the Reverends Ron and Sandy Scott. She became a Licensed Practitioner in 1988 and served as a professional Licensed Practitioner at the Agape Prayer Ministry. She also worked as paid staff for the World Ministry of Prayer for 25 years until 2008. 


A special interest of Katie’s is as midwife to Monarch Butterflies.  She volunteers in the conservation of the Monarch Butterfly by transferring caterpillars from her yard to the Butterfly Farm in Encinitas.


Katie lives in Oceanside, CA.

Kay Samuelson, RScP

Kay Samuelson grew up in Newport Beach, CA, practicing Eastern/Western spirituality through the Self Realization Fellowship. Accepting the guidance of Spirit, Kay began classes at Seaside and in 2004 became a Licensed Practitioner. Anchoring a consciousness of Spiritual leadership, Kay is now a Master Practitioner.

Through the art of Spiritual Mind Treatment and spiritual solutions, Kay offers sanctuary for the soul that is seeking reassurance of his or her wholeness. The profound power of being deeply seen and understood creates a portal of possibility for deep healing and transformation of the body, mind and soul. She believes the heart responds to the warmth of love, recognizing that love is the fulfillment of the law of Good (God) in everyone. The most precious understanding Kay holds in her heart is that we are all One, One heart, One mind, One soul. The unity of all life flows through a field of consciousness.


She has raised two beautiful girls and has two grandchildren.

Linda Watson, RScP Emeritus

Marianne Barlow, RScP

Michele Degaris, RScP

Pamela Hower, RScP

Pamela Hower, a native San Diegan currently living in Tulsa, OK has always felt a connection to what she calls her “forever friend” God. Even as a small child she knew that she came into this world with God and that she will leave this world with God. It has always filled her heart and soul with a peaceful sense of trusting life and never feeling alone.


Pamela became a Licensed Practitioner in 1994. She holds her practitioner work as sacred using spiritual tools and truth principles. Her mission is to deeply connect people back to their own divine authority and innate wisdom as they consecrate their personal relationship with their maker and tap into the power of this universe that is here to support all of us.


Witnessing the many joys and milestones of Seaside and being touched by countless hands and hearts of the Seaside family has made Pamela’s life rich.


She is deeply drawn to nature and animals, and has never met an animal she didn’t like. Her first real job was working at a zoo. 


Pamela continues to work via telephone with practitioner clients around the US.

Patti Christensen, RScP

Patti has always been a deep spiritual seeker, beginning as a child in Minnesota.


Her religious seeking brought her through many communities including earth-based spirituality and finally to Religious Science. Patti is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker. She became a Licensed Practitioner in 2013. 


Patti is honored to be able to share the tools of our movement, including prayer and spiritual counseling, along with sacred storytelling and story listening. Patti believes, “Change your story, change your life.”


Patti and her husband, Dick Weaver, are adventurous travelers, journeying together through all fifty states, all twenty-one California Missions, WWII Japanese-American internment camps, and many other places. They live in Oceanside.

Penny Miller, RScP

Penny is a person of high consciousness and deep understanding with years of practice and a lifetime of experience in affirmative prayer that produces results. She is trained to uncover past beliefs that are lodged deep in the subconscious, oppose healing, and are stronger than one’s conscious desire to change one’s circumstances. In her sessions, she listens for long established patterns of thinking. Once the core belief is identified, she will then assist you in revealing a higher Truth about yourself. Through prayer, she sets in motion the change you desire.


Penny practices professionally and is bound by a high code of ethics to respect your confidentiality.

Ray Holder, RScP

Growing-up in Southern California, Ray’s quest for personal growth eventually led him to the study of SOM, Lifespring’s self discovery classes, and over ten years of practice of Transcendental Meditation.


Ray brings both caring and understanding to his practitioner practice. Years of life experiences and taking advanced Practitioner classes have broadened his awareness of Spirit expressing in his life.


Through service to friends, family, and the Seaside community, Ray is grateful for the fulfillment that serving brings to him. He continues to support all who are seeking a deeper connection with the God within and is available for prayer and spiritual counseling.


Ray became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003 and a Master Practitioner in 2007.


He is married to Carolyn, also a Master Practitioner and lives near the beach in Encinitas, CA. They celebrate their blended families and the joy of grand-parenting.

Rev. Rebecca Berry

Rebecca, a native San Diegan, is a “work in progress.” She has made personal growth a priority and has used the SOM philosophy and the 12 Step Program to heal an alcohol addiction and supported others in doing the same.


She first discovered Science of Mind in 1986 and has masterfully blended the concepts of success and holistic principles. She became a Licensed Practitioner then was licensed as a Minister in 1999, serving as a staff Minister at The Celebration Center.  


Rebecca’s mission is, “Using the success principles of SOM, love, compassion and understanding, I am able to help reveal the magnificence of individuals, thereby creating a more loving, peaceful world.” She is known for being a living example of “You are loved, more than your capacity to understand…"


Rebecca feels blessed her family still lives in San Diego. She enjoys spending time with her adult daughter, grandson and twin brothers and their families. Rebecca lives a fun-filled active lifestyle by cycling, yoga, hiking, and swimming in the ocean.

Robin Mitchell, RScP

Robin feels fortunate to have been raised in a family of spiritual consciousness. At 13, questioning the medical dogma of Christian Science, she requested her parents take her to the Science of Mind church. She felt a passion for the philosophy and spirit that was present and spoken. 


Robin finally found Seaside in 1988 after moving to Del Mar. When Dr. Christian Sorensen arrived, the church seemed to grow overnight, and she became very involved and started classes.


Robin has a son, a daughter, and four grandchildren. 


Robin says it has been a wonderful journey, and she can’t imagine life without the spiritual foundation that she has. It has been a joy for Robin to be a practitioner. Prayer treatment work is such a powerful tool, and Robin loves the way it is a gift to the giver as much as to the receiver.

Rosemarie Ramirez, RScP