It is a wonderful time to be alive and experience the expansion of consciousness at such an accelerated rate!


We are at the forefront of leading edge thought, on this planet, at this time. Everyday people are waking up and tapping into their greater power, for the first time! This is happening all over the planet!

This is possible because of our higher consiousness and awareness. Due to attention to our thoughts, meditation, studying, surrender and SOCIAL MEDIA!

Social media allows us to spread our love, light, wisdom and consciousness further, faster and more effectively than ever before.


For this, we thank you! If you are on this page right now, you are among those, helping shape this New Thought Movement.


#Changeyourthoughts #Changeyourlife 

Rev. Christian on Social Media 

The Giving Challange

Will you accept the challange?

Living in California we are incredibly blessed with the beautiful views of the ocean, beautiful weather and wonderful people. Yet, we aren't all living in such joyous abundance. Watch this video and see what you can do to show our brothers and sisters, that need a little hope, that they are loved and cared about. You would be amazed how one small act of kindness can transform a persons day, thoughts and ultimately change their life. Kindness is the strongest tool to encourage, empower and inspire

If Christian Can do it, You can Do it!

How To post on Facebook

Join us at Seaside as we take on this challenge to get connected and spread our love and light via Social Media.

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