Licensed Spiritual Practitioners

Our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners support others in creating healthy, vibrant and fulfilling lives.

Practitioners recognize the creative power within us all and use positive, affirmative prayer to heal and transform their lives and the lives of others.

Annie Prescott, RScP

Audra Nichole, RScP

Brian Atkins, RScP

Practitioner Brian Atkins says he has always been a self-help junkie. He loves learning and growing, because he feels it helps us make the most of our precious lives. In 1994, Brian was introduced to Unity and became aware of the importance of his spiritual life. He migrated to Religious Science in 1996 where he studied and learned to appreciate the role of a practitioner. In 2002, Brian earned the distinction of certified Practitioner at Seaside.

Born in Ridgecrest, CA, Brian has lived in New Jersey, Minnesota, Georgia, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he spent most of his teen years.  He moved to San Diego when he was 18 years old, earned a degree in Business Administration at the University of San Diego and a master’s degree from National University with an emphasis in Information Systems.

Brian has been an Information Systems instructor, and for a number of years worked in database programming and computer networking.  Currently, he is enrolled in Ministerial School at the Holmes Institute School of/Consciousness Studies.


Ranked as ATM Silver, Brian enjoys his volunteer work with Toastmasters.  His hobbies include surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and partner dancing. He is also a runner and has run nine Marathons.

Brian says that his role as a practitioner has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.  He believes his purpose is to reach out to help others.

Bruce Wilkinson, RScP

Bruce Wilkinson was introduced to Religious Science in 1976 at the Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science. As chaplain to his youth group, Demolay, of the Free Masons movement, he had organized a trip to visit the church and loved it so much that he kept going back.

In 2007, finding the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living through its podcast, sparked his interest, and in 2008, Bruce started on the path to become a practitioner. In 2012, he became a practitioner at Seaside.


Bruce, a third generation Californian, was born in Pasadena and now lives in Carlsbad. He and his wife, Ruzanna Manvelyan, love to travel in Europe and especially to Ruzanna’s home country of Armenia. They have a daughter, Mary.

Believing deeply that we create the world we live in, Bruce knows that when you change your thoughts you change your life, and that individual small actions collectively can make huge changes. He has transformed his life to a life of clarity and love. On a global level, Bruce joined the collective consciousness of dolphin free tuna by simply not eating canned tuna until it became dolphin free.

A CPA with a graduate certificate in Taxation, Bruce is employed as an Employment Tax Specialist by the Federal government.

Candace Young-Schult, RScP

Candace Young-Schult is a Sacred Service leader and heads up the Jubilee Program at Seaside. She grew up in North Carolina and Illinois. After earning a counseling and a Masters in Social Work,she worked as a public school psychologist for 25 years in Illinois. Candace and Roy moved to Leucadia in 1994, after being in the area on a sabbatical and falling in love with both the area and Seaside.

While always interested in Spirit, Candace was not always interested in organized religion. She was an Elder in a Presbyterian Church, is a student of A Course in Miracles,and was delighted to find Religious Science.The classes and many opportunities for service to community have challenged and supported her in her personal growth.

Seaside is Candace’s spiritual home where she finds joy and support and the healing power of prayer and acceptance. As a practitioner since 1999, it is her privilege to know the truth for her clients and to see the absolute beauty and strength in each person. It is her joy to pray and counsel with others assisting them on their spiritual path to remove blockages that keep them from knowing the truth and beauty of their connection with God.

Candace is a singer and sings in a variety of choirs. She is a crafts person whose present joy is creating jewelry and an artist in several mediums including acrylics,watercolors, and drawing. She also enjoys travel and connecting with people of differing cultures. Candace sees herself as not just an American citizen, but also as a world citizen working to create peace in whatever way she can.

Married to Roy since 1977, Candace is the stepmother of three married adults and the grandmother of six.

Carolyn Holder, RScP

Carolyn Holder is a native Californian and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Carolyn had a yearning for learning more about God as a youngster and joined the Orinda Lutheran church, becoming very active in the youth group through her teens. After high school Carolyn attended San Jose State College and later married her college sweetheart.

The 80's were a significant time in Carolyn's life. After going through a divorce and while raising two teenagers, Carolyn returned to work as a Savings & Loan Branch Manager in Laguna Niguel. She also discovered Religious Science through classes with Terry Cole Whittaker.

In 1988 Carolyn retired from banking and moved to North County where she married Ray Holder. In 1998, Carolyn and Ray became members of Seaside, Licensed Practitioners in 2003, and Master Practitioners in 2007. In 2004, they traveled to the Ukraine to teach the consciousness of wealth to 250 enthusiastic Russians and Ukrainians.

Carolyn served on Seaside’s Board of Trustees as Treasurer during the acquisition of our Lake property and the two-year build out. Other Center's activities have included overseeing prosperity programs, chair of the first Seaside golf tournament, pulpit assistant for Wednesday night services, teaching assistant, and Sacred Circle and We Care facilitator.

Carolyn and Ray live in Encinitas and each have a son and daughter. Together they have four granddaughters and one grandson.

It is Carolyn's joy to share transformational tools of healing—practical and effective ways to practice the Presence while demonstrating the abundance of God inherent in each of us. It is also her passion to dance, and through hula she shares the Aloha Spirit as an ambassador of unconditional love.

Cathy Bacquet, RScP

Cathy Bacquet was born in Dallas, Texas. She has traveled extensively both because she loves it and because her father was in the Air Force. Like many, she went to college, married, juggled family and career, and experienced the tragedies and love that life brings. Her family and friends tell her she has changed since she began taking classes at Seaside to become a practitioner. (She graduated in 2000.) They agree that she is happier and certainly healthy again. (Please click on the Health and Balance Spiritual Ministry webpage to read her healing story.) When she thinks back to that time, she realizes how much her life has changed. She worried incessantly about her job, her daughter, and the minutia of my life. he felt like she never had enough time to do the things that she really enjoyed. She grieved for her husband and felt regret for when she had felt inadequate and helpless during the years he was ill.

Gradually, through taking classes at Seaside and practicing meditation, she learned techniques to release these attitudes of worry, grief, shame, regret, and fear. By meditating and treating every day, she has come to realize that those attitudes are simply ways she can choose to spend her time or not. Upon completion of one of the Seaside classes, she joked with a friend that she had graduated “spirituality.” They laughed, knowing as one of the teachers had explained, that we’re as spiritual as we’re ever going to be, and that’s the good news.

To Cathy, faith is knowing that each day brings a new revelation to perceive. With each revelation, she comes closer to the Truth—that is, recognizing her own Divinity by expressing all the many aspects of God as Cathy. To express those aspects of Love, Health, Creativity, and Peace (to name a few), she must continue to know and help herself with ever greater awareness. In other words, she finds aspects of God in her, and by doing so, she recognizes them in others and is able to help others as well as herself.

Ernest Holmes put these ideas succinctly in Creative Mind and Success, page 82: “God made man to have all that the Universe contained and then left him alone to discover his own nature. Stop striving and all struggle and within your own soul know the Truth and trust absolutely in it. Daily declare that you are being guided and protected and that the power of the Spirit is bringing all to pass, and wait in perfect peace and confidence. Such an attitude of mind will overcome anything and will prove that spiritual thought force is the only real power in the Universe.”

Cathy’s experience with illness and the healing that took place has also made her realize that illness and pain is the path that some people take in order to experience spiritual as well as physical healing. Since illness is the impetus for healing, there is no need for remorse or guilt or despair. We are all divine beings with our own divine paths. Rejoice in our oneness with God and know that the Abundance of the Universe is ours now.

Dave Kennedy, RScP

Born in Lima, OH, and “raised mostly at Moonlight Beach,” Encinitas, CA, Dave’s Dad owned a hardware store and built homes and his mother raised two boys. After receiving a BS in Business Management from San Diego State University, Dave married and joined the US Air Force for five years earning the rank of Captain. After serving in Northern California and Nome, Alaska, he returned to school for his MBA at the University of Southern California.

Dave’s career has included working for NCR in Rancho Bernardo as Materials Manager; owning K and B Egg Ranch for 10 years; and as a licensed building contractor in home construction and remodeling.  After a “really rewarding” two years with Habitat for Humanity in Fitchburg, MA, San Diego and San Bernardino, CA, Dave was and is ready for a new avocation/adventure to supplement his income.

Attracted to Religious Science by Rev Terry Cole-Whittaker in 1976, Dave later served as Board Treasurer at the Vista Church in the later 70s and 80s, and joined Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in 1996. He graduated as a Religious Science Practitioner in 2004.

Dave, an avid reader, helped developed and then managed our wonderful Seaside Bookstore from 2003 through 2015.  He continues to volunteer in the Bookstore and also volunteers as a teaching assistant with Foundations classes and answers the Seaside office phones, as needed. 

Dave lives in Carlsbad near his daughter, Erin, and his young grandson, Wyatt, with whom he gardens. His daughter, Ashley, lives in Hawaii. 

“Science of Mind has had a major impact on my life. I am so grateful to be a Religious Science Practitioner and to serve Seaside,” Dave said.

David LeMaster, RScP


David Yankaskas, RScP

David Yankaskas came to Seaside in September of 2007 and became a member in 2008. He believes that his story is unique, and yet common to others in many ways. Divorce, business failure, layoffs, loss of three members of his immediate family to cancer, and financial concerns were some of David's challenges. To him, Seaside was (and is) a healing place, a place of peace "like no other".

David began to heal and find peace within. He made friends, started taking classes, and completed the requirements to be a licensed Practitioner in 2012.


Now, as a licensed Practitioner, David knows for himself his oneness with God and quoting Ernest Holmes, he knows "Change your thinking change your life". 

David grew up traveling the US and overseas with his father who was in the US Air Force. During his first 12 years of school, he attended six different schools and learned to make friends easily. David continued his schooling in business and electronics. His business is in energy conservation. David loves to travel, listens to jazz and classical music, is an avid reader of history and the sciences and, time permitting, swings the golf clubs on occasion. He lives in Carlsbad.

David’s intention is to be welcoming and, in praying with you, that you come to a place of peace.

Dayna Vogt, RScP


Deborah Sadler, RScP

Deb Sadler came to Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in 2011, began taking classes and became a Practitioner in 2015.  She and two younger sisters grew up in Westport, CT, where Deb attended the Saugatuck Congregational Church and graduated from Staples High.  After a year of college, Deb and Jim married and Deb returned to Reed College in Portland, OR, earning a BA in Literature.

In 1974, Deb and Jim moved to Cardiff-by-the-Sea.  They are the proud parents of two sons, Jesse and Brendon, and a daughter, Ada.

At age 25, Deb discovered astrology and began to study metaphysics on her own. She began following the work of Louise Hay in 1984, using You Can Heal Your Life, as the guiding principles for herself and her family.

Throughout the 1990’s until 2005, Deb studied with Ka’chi, Spiritual Leader of the Acjachemen Nation in San Juan Capistrano, at Ka’chi’s home in Descanso. Earth and Astral studies honed her skills in meditation and deepened her relationship with Spirit and Earth Mother in a holistic and creative manner.

In 1999, Deb earned her first teaching credential at California State University followed by two more credentials and a Masters in Education. She substitute taught locally for three years, taught English at San Diego High for two years, and has taught English at Crawford High School for over 10 years. Deb assisted in creating and implementing the Crawford Academy of Law. The majority of her students are immigrants and refugees from all over the world.

Deb is passionate about her ministry serving the Seaside community, growing as a Religious Science Practitioner, and with her students at Crawford High in whom she sees infinite potential and possibilities for a limitless life.

Denise Harmon, RScP

Denise Harmon was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Long Island.


After high school she moved to Manhattan to pursue dance, her “interest and her passion.” She worked, auditioned, and studied with Alvin Ailey, Ballet Arts at Carnegie Hall and the American Ballet Theatre and other forms of movement and interpretive dance. Also, while in New York, Denise took classes at NYU and BMCC in art history, literature, and drama. Performing in shows took her to a number of states, the Universe propelled her to join her mom in Santa Barbara, CA. where she earned an AA degree at Santa Barbara Business College. She worked as an administrative secretary for Raytheon Company in Santa Barbara and General Dynamics in San Diego. She became a stay-at-home Mom and a school volunteer for her two daughters, Gina and Cali, and her three grandchildren, Milla, Jesse, and Serena. Denise now lives in Carlsbad. 

Even though raised a Catholic, Denise continued to explore all religions with an  open mind which brought her to Seaside Center in 2003 where she had an explosive epiphany of realizing a philosophy and a way of life that she could embrace – culminating with her becoming a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner in 2013, a lifetime pursuit. Continuing her interest in music, dance, and movement, Denise enjoys yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Jazzercise, and Water Aerobics.  Reflective of her earlier life as a dancer, Denise chooses to be “the choreographer of her life.” Honoring the path of each individual, she welcomes the opportunity to assist others in knowing their strength and spirit and assist in redirecting thoughts, beliefs and energies for the momentum of their hearts desires.

Dennis Mills, RScP

Dennis came to Seaside in 1992 during a time of personal turmoil and found a supportive, loving community that shared his joy and grief.

At Rev. Christian’s suggestion, Dennis took the Foundations class. He chose to sky dive for his final project and said, “I jumped into a fabulous future with no idea what was coming. Going on faith, supported by S.O.M. principles and my Seaside family, I was on my way without looking back.” Dennis became a Practitioner in 1998 and Master Practitioner in 2003. Here, Dennis met Ginny, “the love of my life.” They married in 1997.


Dennis grew up in Kentucky, Michigan and West Virginia. After high school, he enlisted in the US Navy and settled in San Diego where he started his janitorial business. Dennis has worked as a mailman for the US Postal Service for the past 27 years.

He has three sons. Dale is in the US Navy, Derrick is in the US Air Force, and Robert is pursuing a Ph.D. at UCSD. His daughter Charlotte is pursuing a Ph.D. at CSSM.

Dennis has taught many classes including Troward and Professional Practitioner Studies II, and led Sacred Circles. He served four years on the Seaside Board of Trustees that worked to acquire the property that is our beautiful Seaside campus. Dennis says, “With work and dedication it was transformed into our spiritual home and I was glad to be a part of it.”

Also, he’s been an announcer for the Amazing Grace Service from inception - to the final December 2012 service.

Dennis continues to serve Seaside as a Practitioner and is always open for new opportunities to serve.

Ed Cox, RScP

  Master Practitioner, Ed Cox, is a founding member of the Seaside Board of Trustees and became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003 and a Master Practitioner in 2007. Raised in the Methodist Church, Ed found Religious Science in the late 1970s with Terry Cole Whittaker.

  Ed was raised on a farm in Illinois, the oldest of four children. The closest neighbor, his grandparents, lived half a mile away and Ed had a "special bond" with his Grandfather. From a family of "do-it-yourselfers," he learned to do most anything and everything, became independent, and enjoyed meditative time and being in nature. Ed says, "Those experiences shaped who I became as an adult."

  Ed graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He married and came to California for a summer job with the US Navy. Due to the successful performance of this classified work, Ed continued as a civil service employee and attended UCSD part time, earning a MS degree in Computer Science.  During Ed’s 40-year career in communication systems, he developed the first satellite communications systems for the US Navy, founded two successful small businesses handling national government contracts, developed accounting software, and managed an accounting department for one of his companies. Mostly retired, he continues to support and service the Seaside CSL computers and website.

  Ed has a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter and in 2014 he and Dolly Shi were married. They live in Encinitas, CA.

  On his lifelong path of self-discovery, Ed rediscovered his intuitive side and has taken many psychology and metaphysical classes and became a Licensed Rebirther. Ed enjoys supporting Seaside and its members and strives to be an example of living these principles.

Ellen Rice, RScP Emeritus

Ellen has been a licensed Practitioner of Religious Science for 18 years and has served churches in Vista, Rancho Bernardo, and Carlsbad before transferring her Practitioner’s license to Seaside. She has assisted in training many classes in the principles of Science of Mind to adults and youths of all ages. 

Ellen was born and raised in San Diego. After high school, she worked for the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. In 1957, Ellen married, started her family, and knowing that she wanted to raise her children to know God, looked for a church. Ellen is a Great Grandmother!

After joining The First Church of Christ in Escondido, Ellen took a class, “Science Returns to God,” that really made her think. Later, having been greatly influenced by Catherine Ponder’s books and by Rev. Terry Cole-Whitaker on television, Ellen joined the Vista Church of Religious Science. There she became a Practitioner, taught Youth Church classes, and became Director of the Youth Church.

Ellen helped start the Light of Life Church of Religious Science in Rancho Bernardo where she started the bookstore, assisted in teaching classes, was in charge of hospitality, and served on the Board of Trustees.

Ellen thanks everyone for the love that has been shown to her here and said, “I have lived in the Grace of God and loved every minute of it. And so it is . . .” 

Ginny Mills, RScP

Joanne Millison, RScP

Serving as a Religious Science practitioner is an opportunity for Joanne to share all that is dearest to her heart: a passion for Truth . . . faith in Love’s healing nature . . . reverence for the power of the Word . . . awareness of the value of listening . . . commitment to divine service . . . appreciation of spiritual community.

Joanne’s outer journey began in New England, and then on through an idyllic childhood in Hawaii to California, and, later, abroad to West Africa for three years as a young adult. During her 30-year career within the travel industry, Joanne traveled extensively, particularly throughout Asia, expanding her awareness of the unity of mankind and her appreciation of our diversity.

Joanne’s inner journey took her from Catholic beginnings through much of both Western and Eastern spirituality—resulting in an eclectic blend, with Raja Yoga and meditation at the heart of her spiritual practice. Coming to Religious Science in the 90s, Joanne found a welcomed synthesis of all she had embraced heretofore and the opportunity to serve as a practitioner (licensed in 1999) and to support Seaside, which she dearly loves, as Church Administrator (since 2001).

Joanne’s spirituality continues to evolve, thanks to Seaside’s transformative educational offerings and the various teachings to which she is divinely guided. Joanne considers it a privilege and a joy to hold the Seaside community in prayer, to know the Truth about those who Spirit draws to her, and to support and empower each person in deepening a personal relationship with God and expanding his/her consciousness and self-realization.

Kamran Moradi, RScP


Kathleen Lees, RScP

Kathleen was born in Los Angeles, a second generation Californian. Always interested in the arts, she knew she was not an artist herself but loved being part of the creative process and practiced seeing beauty wherever she went. It took awhile to figure out how her gifts and interests could actually become a job she loves, but for the last 25 years she has been a successful art dealer and consultant.

Introduced to Seaside by her friend, Robin Mitchell, she immediately started attending regularly. She was so grateful to find a spiritual home, for the first six months she cried through every service. Out of curiosity, she signed up for the Foundations Class and did not stop until she was a Practitioner. It was a fun and loving, though challenging experience.

Kathleen has been a Practitioner at Seaside since 1996 and enjoyed being part of its growth. Within a year of becoming a Practitioner, she met the love of her life, her husband Dennis, and her business expanded beyond her wildest dreams. So she is very clear about the power to manifest your dreams.

Kathleen is involved in many community activities and organizations in Encinitas. Her ministry is to expand the consciousness of Religious Science beyond Seaside and into practice in the community. While ‘progress’ is difficult to measure, she believes that her gift is to always see the highest and best good for all concerned and to know, privately, that God is always present. 

Kathy Nelson, RScP

Kathy Nelson, a California native, grew up in an Air Force family. She discovered her "heart-self" through friendships, painting, philosophy, and poetry vs. traditional religion.

In 1977, while visiting in San Diego, Kathy attended a Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker seminar that introduced her to the spiritual ideas that changed her life. The timing was perfect.

Upon returning home to Bellevue, WA, Kathy and her children started attending a Religious Science center. She took a prosperity class, learned the power of affirmations and created her first Vision Board, which said, “San Diego, Here I Come.” Kathy learned about healing prayer, that she was co-creator of her life and manifested her move to California one year later. Kathy attended Sunday services with Rev. Terry for over ten years.

With her move, came a new career and success. She says, "Goals and prosperity are God's ideas, too!"

In 1991, Kathy began classes at Seaside, becoming a Licensed Practitioner in 1996, a Master Practitioner in 2007, and certified as a Personal and Professional Coach in 1998. She has always enjoyed helping people and becoming a practitioner was just one more way of helping others live a life of joy and abundance.

Today, Kathy maintains a thriving life that includes a coaching business and a spiritual counseling practice. She enjoys teaching and assists with practitioner classes; leads workshops; and leads "Sacred Circles," the in-home study programs. She also has a passion for painting, finding happiness through her creativity.

Kathy deeply enjoys her Spiritual practice, the study of consciousness and serving others on their spiritual journeys. "Through life’s ups and downs, we find the opening to our spiritual nature and our deeper understanding of Oneness appears,” she says.

Kathy lives in North San Diego and shares her life with her partner, Joe, her family, friends, and Boston terrier, Jake.

Katie Boggio, RScP Emeritus

Kay Samuelson, RScP

Kay Samuelson grew up in Newport Beach, CA, practicing Eastern/Western spirituality through the Self Realization Fellowship. Metaphysics was an accepted and discussed subject in the home. Kay was 17 years old when the entire family of seven kids moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This exposure of living amongst different cultures sparked a thirst for adventure and travel in Kay's life. The next 10 years were spent traveling the world and working in the import/export business. Kay is now a professional Massage Therapist. She has raised two beautiful girls and has two grandchildren.

Accepting the guidance of Spirit, Kay began classes at Seaside and in 2004 became a Religious Science Practitioner. Anchoring a consciousness of Spiritual leadership, Kay is now a Master Practitioner, a team leader in the Bookstore, and she facilitates an on-going Sacred Circle. She has just finished two years on the Practitioner Core Council and is looking forward to another summer working with the "Deep Sound Meditation."

Through the art of Spiritual Mind Treatment and spiritual solutions, Kay offers sanctuary for the soul that is seeking reassurance of his or her wholeness. The profound power of being deeply seen and understood creates a portal of possibility for deep healing and transformation of the body, mind and soul. She believes the heart responds to the warmth of love, recognizing that love is the fulfillment of the law of Good (God) in everyone. The most precious understanding Kay holds in her heart is that we are all One, One heart, One mind, One soul. The unity of all life flows through a field of consciousness.

Linda Watson, RScP Emeritus

Patti Christensen, RScP

When Patti Christensen was in first grade she told her mother, “I don’t know if I 
believe in the Bible or in dinosaurs.” Her mom said, “Of course you believe in the 
Bible,” but Patti secretly still loved science and dinosaurs. She has always been a 
deep spiritual seeker, beginning as a child in a very active Lutheran family in 

 Following college, she attended Luther Seminary intending to become a 
Lutheran minister, but rapidly discovered that that path was not for her. She 
completed her MA in Theology and left the Lutherans to continue on her 
journey. Her religious seeking brought her through many communities including earth-based spirituality, Unitarian Universalism, Unity, and finally to Religious Science. There, she found she didn’t need to leave any of her beliefs, but could deepen and incorporate them all, and ask all the questions she wanted. 

Patti came to Seaside in 2008, and became a licensed Practitioner in 2013. Patti is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker at a family counseling agency and a 
professional storyteller. On staff at Rady Children’s Hospital, she tells encouraging stories throughout the region. Her storytelling takes her to schools, libraries, spiritual centers, private parties, museums, and senior centers.

 Patti and her husband, Dick Weaver, are adventurous travelers, journeying together through all fifty states, all twenty-one California Missions, WWII Japanese-American internment camps, and many other places. They live in Oceanside.

 Patti is honored to be able to share the tools of our movement, including prayer and spiritual counseling, along with sacred storytelling and story listening. Patti believes, “Change your story, change your life.”

Pamela Hower, RScP

Pamela Hower, a native San Diegan, has always felt a connection to what she calls her “forever friend” God. Even as a small child she knew that she came into this world with God and that she will leave this world with God. It has always filled her heart and soul with a peaceful sense of trusting life and never feeling alone.

Deeply drawn to nature and animals, she has never met an animal she didn’t like. Her first real job was working at a zoo. Pamelabirthed Seaside's Animal Ministry, Wagging Tails.  (Please visit Wagging Tails for more information.)

Exploring her spiritual journey through life, Pamela began reading Science of Mind magazine in 1982 and became a licensed practitioner in 1994, and has been granted Practitioner Emeritus status. She has had the pleasure of teaching many of Seaside’s wonderful classes, and she has especially enjoyed teaching the Practitioner 2 class for many years. Pamela has also traveled to Africa to participate with African Mystics and was licensed here in the U.S. In a specialized form of counseling that deals with the subconscious and unconscious thought. She still believes that nothing beats real “get down to the core” practitioner work. Her favorite mystic and teacher is Ernest Holmes.

Pamela holds her practitioner work as sacred as she confidentially works with her clients, using spiritual tools and truth principles. Her mission is to deeply connect people back to their own divine authority and innate wisdom as they consecrate their personal relationship with their maker and tap into the power of this universe that is here to support all of us.

Pamela is considered one of Seaside’s historians and is the heart of the practitioner family. Chairing the selection committee when Seaside was searching for a minister nearly two decades ago, Pamela remembers taking Dr. Christian to lunch and delivering the news of what we could pay him to come to Seaside. (We were then about 40 members.) He didn’t flinch and said it was up to him to grow the church—and took the offer. Witnessing the many joys and milestones of Seaside and being touched by countless hands and hearts of the Seaside family has made Pamela’s life rich.

Pamela is currently living in Tulsa, OK after deciding to move her father back to his hometown to enjoy his remaining days. She continues to spread the good news of New Thought by doing her practitioner work and workshops in Tulsa. Pamela continues to work via telephone with practitioner clients around the US. Now attending the small CSL Tulsa church, she is delighted with how many are open to new thought in the so called Bible belt.  She also works her home-based E-commerce business and is passionate helping non-profits with passive fundraising.