Divine Connections provides opportunities for social nourishment, support and guidance to people who are single or in partnerships, to open their hearts and grow in their relationships with themselves, so they may enjoy divine experiences in current or future relationships. 


Participants in this group feel nourished and safe to open their heart and share themselves genuinely with one another in a generous exchange of social support and learning to live with perpetually greater love in their lives.

Celebrate the real treasures of life - our connections with one another

Show up single, or show up as a couple!


The real treasure is the relationship between your mind, your body and your heart - the most intimate relationship you’ll ever have.


This is a group to honor that intimacy within yourself and connect with others who honor that intimacy within themselves.

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

Divine Connections

Social Nourishment for the light worker in all of us

Singles open up to share in friendship and perhaps welcome a partner.


Partners open to further connection with each other and their community.


Together, the social nourishment expands into a community that honors relationships of the heart in many forms.

Are you interested in being part of the leadership and guidance of this dynamic group of ambassadors? Contact Kerri lake or Brian Atkins.

Next Meeting


12:45 Emerson Room

Join us for our Monthly Meeting. 

Have any fun ideas? Want to meet new people and explore San Diego?

Meet us in the Emerson Room after 2nd Service and add your light to this divine group! 

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