My Beloved Seaside Family: 


On March 15th as we came together live and virtually, I was deeply moved by your presence, love and support. It’s what community is all about in challenging times. The out-pouring of emails has kept me busy ever since. As much as I wanted to open our doors again the following Sunday, it was right and respectful to honor the request of the Governor, the Mayor and an Emergency Order from San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency to refrain in-person, non-essential gatherings. 


I don't resonate with the term “social distancing” which further isolates us. Allow us to reframe this to “physically distancing” our bodies but connecting more than ever before. We will still livestream from Seaside on Sundays at 11:00a PST and will be joined by our beloved Rebecca Jade, voted San Diego’s best live performer for several years running. You may view the service and participate virtually by going to  or our Facebook page at


We invite you to continue to financially support Seaside Center, your spiritual community, at these virtual attendances through the "Donate" buttons on these sites. Your continued financial support will allow us to keep the Spiritual Light of inspiration coming from Seaside Center for Spiritual Living during this transitional time.


On March 16th, we closed our physical campus until further notice. The youth are on hiatus, and the Seaside staff are encouraged to work from home. Rev. Debbie and I will be in our offices so don’t hesitate to call, 760.753.5786. We will be live-streaming from Seaside noonday mediations so tune in on Facebook Live. We’ll be sending out prayers and videos in the weeks ahead. I’ll be working with our practitioners to offer virtual sacred circles starting soon to help keep us more connected than ever. It’s important that our community works together as a spiritual family to help lift the global consciousness. 


All events and classes scheduled at Seaside’s physical campus are postponed until they can be converted in the interim to virtual, online meetings or rescheduled.  Please keep in communication with us via Seaside’s website and Facebook page for updates as this unfolds.


This too shall pass and the narrative that comes out of this worldwide phenomenon will help unite this planet as one human family. We have been called to be spiritual leaders and change makers. Not only to believe, but to share that Good is the nature of God and it is being revealed in these times. This is a time of reflection, an opportunity to slowdown from our busy lives to boost our immune systems and practice grace. In this pause we are being forced to break our patterns and be with our feelings. We are seeing a disruption to the division energy that has plagued us for years by bringing us back together. During emotionally charged times, be patient with one another. We are living in this collective energetic sea of consciousness that has a great deal of fear moving through it. Thus, no one can avoid this shift that is happening. Remember, love and compassion are dynamically available and will prevail, because that is our true nature. 


There is a planetary opening and the world view is going to change. Seaside is in a strong place with nearly 50 practitioners praying, a brilliant board of trustees guiding the business aspects, and an engaged, loving community. We know we are moving through this stronger than ever and better connected as a family. 


Spiritual mind treatments, prayers, and meditation continue for you and all. There is a Wisdom that guided all unfoldment from the beginning and it’s the same Intelligence moving through this time. I know the Peace, the Calm and Wellbeing that is the natural expression of the True Nature of God is now everywhere! If for any reason this is not your experience, contact one of our spiritual practitioners for prayer at:


We ask that we all continue our regular giving and then some virtually. This will enable us to provide services without interruption. Our virtual giving was its strongest ever last Sunday. Not quite at the level of in-person giving, but encouragement that we will reach that level so we can open our physical doors again to you. 


This is a passionately charged era we are navigating through. Limit your time on the various news feeds and social media hysteria. Fear is very magnetic but so is Love. Be mindful, not mindless about what you allow into your awareness. Hold love in your heart. Let’s not judge one another, including ourselves, for moments of freaking out. It’s important to express our feelings rather than suppress them. This time calls for deep understanding, caring, kindness and compassion. You’ve been called for a time such as this!    


In Love,



Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living