-Enrichment Offerings-

Courting the Beloved, Embrace Your Own Powerful Beauty and Brilliance

with Garuda Ishtarterra

This course is based on the Truth that we are all perfect, whole and complete as we are. This class focuses on techniques and practices to actually embody this Truth and  know it for ourselves. Techniques include resources from yoga, breath work, and  the Science of Mind philosophy.


In this class you will be empowered to discover your own  beauty, brilliance, and magnificence within you. Exploring  emotional awareness, you will be guided to meet and embrace your own inner beloved.

 Benefits of this class are:

  • To discover and connect with your own Beloved within

  • To cultivate emotional awareness and freedom through specific activities

  • Embracing joy and playfulness as vital to our wholeness


4 Weeks

April 26th to May 17th


Fridays in the Rose Room

12:00pm - 2:00pm  

Class Fee: $80.00