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Create a Conscious Home

with Elizabeth Root

Our home should be a sanctuary where we can retreat from the chaos and stress of the outside world. A nourishing, rejuvenating home environment is important to support us in creating the life we want to live.


What do we fill our home with? What affirmations are we giving the Universe? Learn the subtle messages of things in your home, and create a “conscious home” that truly reflects your values and moves you forward in life.

Learn Feng Shui and design principles you can use to create balance and harmony in your home. Learn how making small changes brings profound results.



  • Career/self expression

  • Relationships

  • Wealth

  • Health & Family




Suggested Reading:

Feng Shui for the Western World by Erica Sofrina

Move Your Stuff—Change Your Life by Karen Carter


Monday evenings

6:30pm to 8:30pm (4 weeks)

October 1 - October 22

Class Fee: $20