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12/27 Sunday Service:  The Spirit of Christmas


We invite you to experience the Joy of Seaside's Sunday Service streamed Live to your Living Room. 


Join us at 11 AM PST on LIVESTREAM or on FACEBOOK for this Sunday's Message, Catching My Vision for 2021!

Share these links with your friends and family. Ask them to tune in with you. It will give you wonderful life-altering conversation to share with your friends. 

World Peace Meditation - Rev. Rebecca Berry

Thursday | 12/31 | 4:00am PST | Zoom

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Join more than 500 million people from an array of faith traditions and philosophies, across seven continents, meditating simultaneously on 12/31. The gatherings begin at precisely the same moment all around the world in all the many languages, to pray in the ways of their own traditions. We each affirm Peace and commit to do our part to heal the world. It is truly an amazing experience to sense the consciousness ... the presence ... of hundreds of millions of people sharing the hour! To participate in this profound experience, Click HERE for Zoom link.


Meeting ID: 890 4299 5005, Passcode: 880675

New Year's Eve Releasing Ceremony with Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson

Thursday | 12/31 | 7pm - 8pm PST | Zoom | Love Donation

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Instead of our usual "burning bowl" ceremony at Seaside on New Year's Eve, we are going virtual! Let go of your challenges and whatever else you want to release for 2020. Set intentions for 2021 in a supportive virtual community. Have two pieces of paper and pen ready. If you have a fireplace to burn the old, that is perfect. Don't have a fireplace but have a shredder, that will work. Don't have either, use a wastebasket. If you have access to a candle, battery operated or real, bring that as well. We invite you to login to Zoom at 6:45pm PST. Limit is 95 people, so first come, first served. 

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Keys to Consciousness with Jennifer Diallo, M.Ed., RScP

Mondays | Each Class 3 Weeks | Total 9 Weeks all Three | 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST | Zoom

$60 per class series | $160 if Paid in Advance in Full



What better way to start 2021 than with new Courses from Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) taught by the very person who created it,

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Foundations of Science of Mind with Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

Tuesdays | 9 Weeks | 1/12 - 3/9 | 6pm - 8:30pm PST | Zoom | $295

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A powerful, practical class to support you during these times taught by Reverend Christian. Dive into a foundational study of practical spirituality for everyday living. This study of spiritual principles and practices is intended to give participants a clear understanding of the basics of our teaching while at the same time enhancing everyday experience in an immediate and tangible way through practicing these principles beneficially in your own life. 


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Creating the New Now with Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn

Tuesdays | 4 Weeks | 1/12 - 2/2 | 6:30pm - 8:00pm PST | Zoom | $100


This is a new course from CLS. Science of Mind teaches that we are each an individualized expression of Spirit and a portal for Its Work of Good on Earth. As COVID recedes and the energy of 2021 comes on board, what opens is a potent time for sensing who you are now, what is in your heart about your life, and what you want to — and will — welcome into being. Our class will use personal reflection and process to Identify Purpose, Intentions and Actions for newness


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Revealing Wholeness with Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson

Thursdays | 7 weeks | 1/28 - 3/11 | 6pm - 8pm PST | Zoom | $230


A new Certificated Course available for the first time. Apply knowledge of Science of Mind Principles and Practices to the interrelationship between Spirit, Mind, and Body. Connect the work of early New Thought teachers, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and Ernest Holmes to the science of healing in the quantum field. Course content is based on spiritual principles of Science of Mind, as well as current research in the scientific fields of medicine and quantum physics. Participants will embody spiritual practices and scientific discoveries to support wholeness in everyday life


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Boost Immunity - Breath Work Meditation with Rev. Rebecca Berry

Saturdays | 1/9 & 1/23 | Zoom | 4p PDT | Love Donation

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Breath Work is a drug free way to boost your immunity and release stress. Join us in the comfort of your own home. Learn and practice a powerful Pranayama breath technique which will increase the oxygenation in your body for greater overall health and provide a connection from your unconscious to your conscious mind. Breath Work assists in releasing and healing old traumas and deep-seated patterns. Gain an increased sense of Presence, Peace and Awareness.  "You are loved, more than your capacity to understand..."

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Monthly Thriving Business Brunch – First Fridays with Rev. Sue Oliver

1/8 on 2nd Week Due to New Year's Day | 11:30am - 1pm PST | Zoom | Donation

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We have launched a new monthly forum for business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders who want to support each other in creating thriving ventures in the world. It’s a relaxed, inclusive, drop-in setting. Bring yourself, a meal and beverage if you wish, and a spirit for connecting. Each month, we’ll open and close in prayer, share demonstrations, discuss skills, declare our monthly intentions, and hold each other accountable for Greatness. 


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We have Practitioners from all walks of life and experiences available for private sessions. 


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Seaside Men's Group

The Seaside Men’s Group meets virtually the 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings of each month at 9:00a PST.


To receive the meeting invitation please contact Tommy 

Cox at tommy6975@gmail.com


For more information please contact Ray Holder at sunsethaus@aol.com or 442-244-5144