Spring 2021 Classes start in April! Registration opens 4/4

Why should I take classes?

Science of Mind is a teaching. Education is the backbone.

  • Unconscious conditioning informs decisions, actions and reactions. Understand how patterns of thought and behavior divide us and prevent being inclusive despite good intentions.

  • Practice methods to dismantle false beliefs and activate Creative Intelligence in your life now. Consciously embrace personal growth. Find out which practices work best for you.

  • Explore the mystic path of consciousness and awaken to Infinite Reality. 

What's Happening in March...

Spiritual Development Education

at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

Certificated classes offer a path of growth that begins at your introduction to the concepts of consciousness and spiritual growth, builds your practice from the foundations through the core Science of Mind teachings that prepare you for Practitioner training, and then continue to support your deepening practice through connection to Spirit and to others in the community. 

The path to personal and spiritual development

through CSL Certificated & Enrichment Classes

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Exploratory Courses: Introduce Science of Mind concepts, beliefs, principles and practices to newcomers and spiritual seekers

Essential Courses: Offer study and use of foundational Science of Mind philosophy, principles and practices, including all of the basic concepts. 

Core Courses: Apply Science of Mind Principles and Practices into daily life to support personal and community transformation.

Purple - Mastery Courses: Support deeper personal practice for advanced spiritual development and expanded applications to the community and the world

Seaside Center Enrichment Classes, Workshops, Retreats & Practices

Seaside offers a variety of supplemental learning and practice opportunities to support you in your spiritual and personal development. Click HERE to check out current offerings on our Classes and Workshops page.

Practitioner Training at Seaside

Are you ready to take your spiritual growth to the next level? Do you want to support others who are growing in self-awareness to create a life of joy and freedom? Contact the Education Director or a minister to learn more about how to become a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner. 


Ministerial Training at the School of Spiritual Leadership

Do you feel or hear a call to ministry? Entry into the School of Spiritual Leadership is an opportunity available to Licensed Religious Science Practitioners. Are you interested in learning more about becoming a minister or stepping into leadership in the community? Find out more HERE