-Enrichment Offerings-

Joy, Humor and Happiness An Access to Spirit

with Rev. Brian Anderson

This class is designed to have students get the experience of

self-love; to feel that love and allow it to flow to all.


Joy - is the feeling we get when we are emotionally free

because we are authentically ourselves.


Humor - this word comes from the word humus which means moisture and ease of flow. Humor is the easy flow of love and joy.


Happiness - is liking the way that you feel because you are doing the things you love to do.


Benefits of this class are:

  • Realization of Oneness

  • Free to Be

  • Spiritual connection with others

  • Spiritual desire to give

  • Gratitude for the gift of Life

  • A feeling of grace, power and ease


Required Text:

This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes


6 Weeks

April 22nd to May 27th


Mondays in the Rose Room

6:30pm - 9:30pm


Class Fee: $120.00