Meditation is a wonderful metaphysical practice that fosters a blissful state of being, relaxes you, provides mental clarity and helps you to tap into your intuitive nature. Meditation can be silent or guided. Incorporating a regular meditation practice in your life will help you connect to the power of the Divine that resides within.


  • It brings one's awareness back (i.e. from the past or the future) into the present moment.

  • By being in the present moment, a person develops "mindfulness." The mind that was once preoccupied with thoughts of mindless chatter is now more aware of these thoughts. The realization that "thoughts are just thoughts" and hold little or no weight frees a person to let go of thoughts that may not be concrete reality or absolute truth. One is now free to observe life without getting caught up in the "monkey chatter."

  • One finds that happiness is not exclusively a quality brought about by a change in outer circumstances, but by realizing happiness often starts with loosening and releasing attachment to thoughts, pre-dispositions, and "scripts"; thereby releasing "automatic" reactions toward pleasant and unpleasant situations or feelings.

Group Meditation at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

Group meditations create a synergy that magnifies and deepens the experience of everyone involved. These Meditations also provide an opportunity to explore different aspects of meditation in a loving and supportive environment.


Sunday: 10:20 - 10:40am
Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 12:20pm

Meditation is held Monday through Friday at noon in the Sanctuary by a Minister or Practitioner. On Sunday between services a 20-minute meditation period is led by a Practitioner. The type of meditation varies from week-to-week. It always provides participants with an uninterrupted opportunity to renew, refresh, and strengthen their connection with Spirit. The meditation styles will vary from an inspirational reading followed by a period of silent contemplation, guided imagery meditations, or an opportunity to spend time in silence.