Seaside Center's
Music and Arts Department

Seaside’s rich and thriving arts and music department contains many fabulous components including our Sound Crew Team, Our Sunday Morning Jazz Band, our Wednesday Night Performers, our Seaside Choir, and the many people who make up these teams. 

Our Seaside Jazz Band is directed by Bob Mathes, RScP, who has been a member of Seaside for over 24 years.  He has attracted many valuable players to our stage including, currently:  Max Zape, Tom Bishop, Hollis Hassell, Pat Burke, and Gerry Reba plus a plethora of visiting musicians over the years.  Bob is a licensed practitioner at Seaside, has over 40 years in the music business and also acts as consultant to our Sound Crew Team.

The Sound Crew Team consists of Ed Reeves, Melanie Bennett and Steve Grant. The giving nature of these wonderful artists each in their own right, has benefited Seaside to the highest.

The Wednesday Night musicians consisting of Jim Bianchi, Ahria and a cadre of other talented performers are something to hear….not only are they accompanying many gifted and talented singers,  they are on the stage soothing and performing God’s music in their inimitable styles. 

Seaside strives for joyous, uplifting and amazing varieties of positive music – designed to inspire, calm, lift, provoke and evoke the Oneness within.  Sensing the ability of art and music to align the innermost invisible parts of our beings, we take care in providing guest artists who can do just that.  We endeavor to demonstrate our inter-connectedness and at the same time our unique expressions of God through all of the featured performers.  Our beautifully gifted Paul Lloyd Warner Boesendorfer piano anchors our excellence in live performances.

What does Seaside sound like?



Our holiday seasonal performances by the Seaside Choir led by Leslie Green and performances by the community's Teens and Children create a loving, family environment to many who are without family connection at this time.  We are reminded of our mission statement…to Celebrate Divinity, Love Humanity, and Serve Community.

Seaside is known for its loving generosity in opening its doors to all kinds of outside events – from weddings and memorials to musical concerts to yoga conferences, etc.  Seaside has been on task in hosting fabulous New Thought speakers like Deepak Chopra and in 2015 we are excited to present an evening with the renowned medium, James Van Praagh and Barbara De Angeles, New York Times best selling author.  

Seaside also live streams its Sunday services through a fabulous videographer, Tim Griffin, RScP, and you can tune in any time at your convenience to hear our Spiritual Leader, Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen, uplift your thoughts and present new ideas – all at your convenience and schedule.

As further information, our Musician Staff, Sound Crew, and Arts Dept. comprised of many professionals and educators, can be approached at any time for any of your own musical/arts events, or you may contact them through our Office Staff by leaving your name and return number.

Rebecca Jade

Artistic Director 

Artistic Director
Rebecca Jade
(619) 987-1906


Seaside Jazz Band
Bob Mathes, RScP
Max Zape
Tom Bishop
Hollis Hassell
Pat Burke
Gerry Reba


Sound Crew
Ed Reeves
Melanie Bennett
Mathew Berger

Tim Griffin, RScP