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Come see us at the Welcome Table after service.  

New Member Class

March 29, 2020

Looking to belong to a group that makes a positive difference in the community? Seaside has been looking for you too. Join us during our New Member Class and learn more about how you can share, express and grow your gifts and talents. Most of all, learn more about how to use spiritual principles for richer living in your life!

New Member Sunday

April 5, 2020

Enjoy a Sunday celebration designed specifically for you. After 2nd service, you, your designated mentor, Rev. Christian and members of our Board of Trustees will take you out for lunch. We will share our stories and listen to you and your story. Make sure to sign up and attend the New Member Class for details and information.

Become a Mentor

Open Enrollment

Are you already a member at Seaside? Has your life changed and you want to share this joy and excitement with others? Sign up by clicking the button below and become a mentor. 

If you already signed up and are looking for your designated mentee/s, click on the button below and email Susan Sullivan.