-Enrichment Offerings-

Peer Co-Counseling

With Joel Vorensky

Sunday, September 10th- 1:30pm to 3:30 pm

Class Fee: Free

-Enrichment Offerings-

Animated Laughter with Feelings

With Joel Vorensky

Sunday, September 24th  — 1:30 to 3:30pm

Class Fee:  $30


New Thought class and workshop providing access to Spirit through laughter, circular breathe, forms of meditation, attitude of connection, surrender, and release.


You will learn self-acceptance, empowerment, affection, awareness, and alertness to pattern awakening, contentment joy, and peace through a variety of practices learned in the Peer Co-Counseling class and the Animated Laughter with Feelings workshop.


Benefits of the class are:

· Bio-energetic exercises

· Sharing

· Meditation

· Slapstick play

· Community

· Aware, alert, loving attention

· Trust


Suggested reading for students:

I Dare to Heal: with Compassionate Love

I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power

by Joel Vorensky