Practitioner Studies


A two-year course in advanced spiritual awareness that creates a healing consciousness and prepares the student for becoming a licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

Practitioner 1: Living the Principles

The first year of Practitioner study is devoted to advancing

spiritual awareness and exploring your relation to the universe. 

Practitioner 1 is designed to be a whole class in itself, preparing you to live life more fully, whether or not you choose to

continue your studies.

Practitioner 2: How to Become a  Licensed

Religious Science Practitioner

The second year of Practitioner Studies focuses on the

consciousness, skills, and responsibilities of the Practitioner, the principles we teach, the process in healing, and the relationship to the Centers for Spiritual Living, the community, and the world.  This year is designed for those called to becoming a

licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

If you are interested in studying to become a licensed Religious Science Practitioner, these are the classes that are prerequisites for Practitioner  study.  Before entering Practitioner training, you must take six

certificated classes:

1. Foundations of the Science of Mind

2. The Power of Your Word

3. The Essential Ernest Holmes

4. Exploring Roots of the Science of Mind

5. Your choice of one consciousness class: 

Currently offered: Mysticism, Meditation is More Than You Think

6. Your choice of one elective:

Currently offered: Spiritual Economics, Emma, Financial Freedom