Practitioner Studies

A two-year course in advanced spiritual awareness that creates a healing consciousness and prepares the student for becoming a professional licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

Practitioner 1:

Living the Principles

with Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

The first year of Practitioner study is

devoted to advancing spiritual awareness and exploring your relation to the universe.  Practitioner I is designed to be a whole class in itself, preparing you to live life more fully, whether or not you choose to continue your studies.


30 weeks



Registration $150 Class fee $250 per term (three 10 week terms)



If you are interested in studying to become a licensed Religious Science Practitioner, these are the classes that are prerequisite for Practitioner study. Before entering Practitioner training, you must take 6 certificated classes.


· Foundations of Science of Mind                     

· The Power of Your Word

· The Essential Ernest Holmes

· Exploring Roots of the Science of Mind

· 1 Consciousness Class:  Mysticism, Meditation,

· 1 Elective:  Understanding Emma or Self-Mastery