A Prayer for Prosperity

Magnetizing what I am with joy and appreciation

I follow the Divine Guidance that allows success and fulfillment.

Being the bridge between the abundance in thought

to wealth expressing;

I see my life easily and masterfully manifesting

the abundance to bring vision into form.


Rhyming with the ebb and flow of life

I now ride the affluent financial surge into my expression in life.

I make a positively prospering contribute in thought and action to

My morphogenetic field which prosperous all aspects of my life

as the new prospering paradigm unfolds into a surplus for all.


Being a master of money, I know this energetic exchange

clearly mirrors the activity of my inner thoughts

and my thoughts are of God’s abundant prosperity.

Freed from the hypnotic trance of debilitating truculent thoughts of scarcity

I trust my transformed beliefs for ever increasing positive cash flow.

No longer mesmerized by the hungry spirits of fear, that can’t be fed,

I am freed to gracefully metamorphosize into God’s vision. 


Liberated from the fascination and fixation

by the bound psyche of the convulsing limited self

that is constantly looking for what’s wrong;

I am a voyeur to God’s abundance.

Forgiving whatever has denied the freedom of this natural state of ease

I move outside of what I have known as limited

to be the omnipresence wealth of God.

I continue to discover new ways to give and serve

finding the faucets of the universe’s abundance

running full blast in support of these actions.


Grateful to be doing the love of purpose,

I come to find I easily have all that it takes.

Giving and receiving allows for the

continuation of expressing the higher qualities of Spirit.

I am the abundant convergent point

of the Infinite Universe into form.

Letting go and living in the current of peace and security

there is a surplus of God’s Essence easily experienced

in all area in this ever changing world.


And So It is!


Rev. Christian Sorensen