Prosperity Prayer

Magnetizing what I am with joy and appreciation

I follow the Divine Guidance that allows success and fulfillment.

Being the bridge between the abundance in thought

to wealth expressing;

I see my life easily and masterfully manifesting

the abundance to bring vision into form.


Rhyming with the ebb and flow of life

I now ride the affluent financial surge into my expression in life.

I make a positively prospering contribute in thought and action to

My morphogenetic field which prosperous all aspects of my life

as the new prospering paradigm unfolds into a surplus for all.


Being a master of money, I know this energetic exchange

clearly mirrors the activity of my inner thoughts

and my thoughts are of God’s abundant prosperity.

Freed from the hypnotic trance of debilitating truculent thoughts of scarcity

I trust my transformed beliefs for ever increasing positive cash flow.

No longer mesmerized by the hungry spirits of fear, that can’t be fed,

I am freed to gracefully metamorphosize into God’s vision. 


Liberated from the fascination and fixation

by the bound psyche of the convulsing limited self

that is constantly looking for what’s wrong;

I am a voyeur to God’s abundance.

Forgiving whatever has denied the freedom of this natural state of ease

I move outside of what I have known as limited

to be the omnipresence wealth of God.

I continue to discover new ways to give and serve

finding the faucets of the universe’s abundance

running full blast in support of these actions.


Grateful to be doing the love of purpose,

I come to find I easily have all that it takes.

Giving and receiving allows for the

continuation of expressing the higher qualities of Spirit.

I am the abundant convergent point

of the Infinite Universe into form.

Letting go and living in the current of peace and security

there is a surplus of God’s Essence easily experienced

in all area in this ever changing world.


Rev. Christian Sorensen


A Peaceful Prayer

Feeling true peace with every step,

I remember God’s graceful world in which I live.

Knowing peace is present within myself this very moment,

I awaken to the breath of life and recognize it Now.

With joy in my heart and a smiling countenance,

sunshine streams forth from my being.



My eyes are the windows through which God

compassionately looks upon the world.

My body is the vehicle through which the Divine

lovingly touches this place called Life.

My thoughts are the realms Spirit knows of Itself.



The raucous noise and explosive confusion

that upsets the balance, settles into it’s proper resting place

as the genuine simplicity of life makes itself known.

Harmonious thinking resolves all complications by

purifying my hidden false perceptions.



Not reckless with my creation nor proud in my plenty,

I mindfully share contentment without making a show of it.

Producing without possessing,

growing without domineering,

there is no exploitation,

as the myriad of all acts in accord.



Being in concord with heaven,

the sharp edges of the weapons of discontent are rounded

as I profoundly live in the instinctive certainty of who I am.

I find strength and peace in flexibility.

Without any ulterior thoughts,

I return to the unspoiled innocence of the garden.

Rev. Christian Sorensen


Prayer of Wholeness

The nameless Glory, forever undefined,

resolute in Its perfection, appears on the outside,

yet exists wholly within, remains fresh and vibrant as my life.

Ecstatically entwined as the same miracle,

I live in the freedom of eternity.


Pondering myself as part of the Whole,

I realize the Whole of this universe breathes within me.

In the caprice of my understanding that reason cannot claim,

every direction I turn is a road to knowing God’s Presence.


Any dis-cord, dis-ease, dis-harmony

that appears to my mortal awareness,

dissipates as the undisturbed omnipotence

dispels everything unlike Itself.

With Divine determination, I escape Selfhood’s vicious tyranny.

Divine Sovereignty reigns supreme in my kingdom for God,

which is the everlasting state of perfection

and it naturally turns winter into the dazzling hues of spring.


Stepping free from my pain,

the unending spiritual healing force eradicates

all grievous and unwanted irritations from my body and affairs.

This re-emergence of the God-awareness rising free,

engulfs the innumerable ploys of the seducer’s sickness.


Yanking the thorns of existence from my heart,

I bravely traverse the valley’s depths.

Coming to realize how all the pieces of my life

are linked to the wholeness of who I am.

Burdens are relieved, concerns comforted, struggles alleviated,

as the ignorance of this world is annihilated by God-Consciousness.


Understanding this life’s journey is going on within me,

the Eternal Divine manifestation lifts me

above the world of form to one of creation.

Just as a bird flies when freed from its cage,

I too, naturally return to the origin of my wholeness.

And so it is!

Rev. Christian Sorensen


Prayer to Feel God's Love

It begins in morning when I awaken

in my beloved’s arms.

My eyes drink the splendor of Spirit,

O how Its love makes them sparkle.


As the senses come alive,

what was sleeping, opens to the freshness

of this timeless moment,

I can’t help but wondering how much

of pure love can I fully know.


Held in the Divine embrace, I look into God’s gaze,

with each rising pulse, my body is lifted

like two bodies released in one breath. 

My only desire is to know God more,

yet I yearn for spirit to be even closer.


I feel the warm breath of the eternal hum

blowing subtlely upon my inmost ear,

inviting me to enter this expanded state of awareness.

Succumbing to the rhythm inside me,

I’m ignited by a fire,

yet my body does not burn away

as my soul releases to a whole new experience. 


Brought to the edge of all I know,

I enter deeper and deeper to a place beyond

all other places, beyond the body itself,

the Divine and I merge into one.


Far inside the bodiless expression,

I find no language describing the road to paradise. 

I trust the myriad of invigorating surges

pulling and pushing me to the very brink

where I surrender to the pleasures of God.


Time fades away

as my human self grows weaker

to the ever-blossoming cadence of the Divine.


My boundaries dissolve one by one. 

I flow into eternity

In love with the Beloved,

I am enraptured by profound gratitude. 

I surrender even this radiant moment. 

a lingering scent of the Divine fills me

In ecstasy as I weep tears for the depths of love.

Rev. Christian Sorensen


Prayer of Passion

Impassioned by awareness of the Divine Fire,

I feel a sudden rush of luminous consciousness. 

Freed from countless identities of thought

which have weighed me down, I am introduced

again to the most exquisite states of my being. 

Nostalgic for the wide horizons, the cosmic

dimensions unfold new frontiers for my playground.



Romanced by Spirit, my untrained mind

gives way to the opening of my heart. 

I find God’s radiant eyes looking through me

into all my relationships.  I am touched

by Infinite Love accessing all my thoughts,

expanding Itself into all my words and deeds. 

Passing through thresholds of former impressions,

I rediscover the omni-dimensional richness offered me,

by simultaneous interaction of multiple perspectives.



Bridging the abyss of these points

with the communion of Loving Truth,

my relationships unveil their shrouded meanings.

The kaleidoscope of life does not fool me

into believing there is separation.

The ultimate unity, behind the diverse expressions

of our cosmos, is God.  

No longer calcified by old programming

of how to be in relationships, I burst open the door

to ultimate manifestations,

initiating a chain of mystical events.



Grateful to be unfolding with clarified perceptions

of my journey’s direction, I feel the passion

of knowing Divine Power at last.

Realizing there is no room for a false self,

all dense light is freed from within.

In love with this dawning of the universe as me,

I reverently share my true self with all

whom I come in contact. 


Rev. Christian Sorensen 


Prayer of Transition

God is Life! 

This life is perfect complete and whole,

yesterday, today, and for eternity,

I live on this endless journey through eternity

where natural cycles and rhythms of life exist.



Life is not stuck, static or stale. 

Recognizing the perfection of God

cannot be altered,

this perfection is constantly

expressing through me.

I am centered in the perfect peace of God. 



I let go of seeking my way and unify

with the Love of God within me. 

Feeling everything in my world

becoming more harmonious and congruent,

all resistance fades away. 



The Light of God radiates from me. 

Wisdom speaks through me.

Truth supports me.

I confidently step through

to my greater experience of Life. 

All destructive thoughts of despair,

discouragement, insufficiency,

find no refuge in my consciousness. 



Conditions have no power over me. 

Anything I might have feared

is powerless over me. 

Having no regret for the past,

nor fear for the future,

I die to the old limited self

and am born into the fullness of Spirit. 



I claim the life-giving power as my Life now. 

There is no place where God is not

on this plane of awareness. 

My soul is restored,

replenished and renewed.

Knowing God as Life,



I realize this life

cannot be created or destroyed. 

I am of this Eternal Life. 

I do not need to die to become immortal

for I an immortal now! 

With this deep understanding

the fear of death is gone,

freeing me to live fully now. 



This Loving Life Force is omnipresent;

it shouts to me from everywhere I look.

I come to realize I am not going

to be meeting God anymore

when I leave this physical plane

than I am given the opportunity

to know Spirit here today. 



I choose to know this is only one

stopping place on my path

to greater Divine Awareness.

I am grateful for my belief

in the eternality of the individual soul

that is forever expanding. 



I rest in peace knowing that who I am

continues beyond this mortal coil. 

I am filled with appreciation

for the understanding of awareness

which I choose to identify as me,

as being far greater than this physical temple

known as my body. 



Thankfully I find comfort

in the knowingness that Life continues on.

I let go, trusting the currents of eternality

carry me on my perfect path. 

Courageously I surrender my limited self

as I triumphantly step through the door

to Eternity.

Rev. Christian Sorensen


Peace Prayer

Peace Prayer

Rejuvenated by the sounds of Divine Melodies

my mortal mind moves ever near to total harmony.

My perception besieged no longer by the warring conflicts of this world,

I perceive the lessons of Peace

preached by every leaf, pebble and blade of grass.


Freed from the battling antithetical dreams

I am resolved to live the Divine Accord.

Beneath the favorite toxic tale of pain,

the deeper story is forever known.

Halting the invasion of violent feelings

and conceptual propaganda that depletes my resources,

my combative approach to life is finally resolved.


With turbulent secrets and sacred fears uncovered,

my heart dissolves all dissonance and discord with understanding.

In my resolve, I abandon my belligerent views,

practicing non-attachment to my position,

opening up to the broader picture.

I find any jealousy that has gotten out of hand

finds its natural creative empowering force

to move me to a greater harmonious place of creation.


I make a truce with the annihilating approach to resolution.

I honestly face my apparent adversary at the Divine Kiosk, 
mutually discovering the quiescent Truth underlying this synchronistic war.

Protest letters turning to love letters.

Anger handled with love and care brings the non-violent approach,

converting emotional explosive bombs into expressions of forgiveness.


In quiet repose to this constructive energetic space of understanding,

there is communications among leaders,

amity between governments and nations,

love and forgiveness amid brothers and sisters, respect for mother Earth.

Happiness and peace is shared within the home.

Armed with understanding, I act compassionately and lovingly

as the loin of my being lies down with the lamb.

A releasing cry of joy for peace on earth is heard.

Gratefully I behold the glory of God made manifest

in this earthly garden of Eden.

Rejuvenated and in concord with Spirit’s grace,

I let go of my control of the outcome to_____

And so it is!

Rev. Christian Sorensen