Welcome Home! Join Us in the Celebration Garden for 9a Sunday Service Starting Oct. 4th

What You Can Expect upon Arrival

Enter the garden area from the parking lot. An usher will greet you and show you where to set up your chairs. Family members will sit together.

You are required to wear a mask and the next party will be sat 6 ft from you.


There will be a maximum number allowed on the patio, any overflow will be directed up to the labyrinth area.


There will be no programs, no coffee or refreshments, no singing from the audience.


There will be a keyboard player and vocalist on stage along with Dr. Christian and a pulpit assistant.


Your offering will be placed in baskets at the exit, thank you for your financial support.


You will be released at the end of serivce by one row at a time in single file. There will be no social time after service.


As much as we would love to - there is no hugging or hand holding. A Namaste bow is a beautiful greeting.


Please help us make this a wonderful experience for those that are ready to come together and respect the choice of each individual.