Staff Minister - Virtual Community Wizard

Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson

Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson‘s purpose in life is to reveal the exquisite Presence of God within all for a transformed world. She passionately serves in ways that are in alignment with that purpose, including facilitating courses at Seaside. 


She has been a Practitioner since 1987 and a Minister at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living since 2003. She received the call to Ministry the night her husband transitioned in November of 1997. 


Dr. Christina is a visionary trendsetter. She created the on-line certificated education program for what is now Centers for Spiritual Living beginning in 1998. This program has sent over 200 licensed Practitioners into the world in 17 courtiers and over 37 states.


For the past 16+ years, she was the Distance Education Dean for the Holmes Institute. She continues to be a professor in that program,  facilitating a course she created called “Facilitating Virtual Spiritual Community” (Teaching and Learning On-Line)


Dr. Christina was awarded the Ernest Homes Award, the highest award possible in CSL, for taking the Holmes Institute from tapes and paper to digitally delivered programs that developed an extensive community and kept its accreditation. 


She has a Master’s in Education, and Master’s in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute. She has also earned Doctorate in Divinity and an honorary Doctorate in Divinity from the Holmes Institute.


Dr. Christina lives in Southern California and has created home with several cats that call her mom.