School of Spiritual Leadership

“Preparing spiritual leaders for the

global community”

Dr. Kathy Hearn  -  Dean

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living is the home of the

San Diego Campus of the School of Spiritual Leadership.


The School offers ministerial training through several

degree and certificate programs.  Our programs combine

in-person classes with distance education using audio

lectures, video conferencing and online conversations with professors. Our interdisciplinary approach embraces

academic study, ministerial consciousness and skill

development, and hands-on experience in ministerial work.


In-person classes are offered on weekends here at

Seaside with many of the great leaders and teachers of our organization and spiritual movement.  Our Distance

Education faculty includes world leaders in the fields of

Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Religion, Leadership and Education.


A Master’s Degree only program may be taken without the ministerial training component for those seeking a higher academic degree.


For more information about the

School of Spiritual Leadership,

please call Kathy Phelan, Registrar

(760) 753-5786, Ext. *816