Caring for our community from the Heart

Sometimes, each of us needs more than words of encouragement or a hug from a friend. Compassionate Care Associates are volunteers from our congregation who are selected, trained, and supervised on a consistent basis by our Ministers.

Each team member is trained in compassionate listening and caring presence, and is formally commissioned (or recognized) by the congregation for being part of this important shared ministry.


Associates are available for those who would welcome a visit or who are experiencing difficult circumstances, or are encountering a time of transition in which they could use some confidential, non-judgmental, on-going support.


The purpose of this connection group is to provide this sustaining hope and caring so that congregants need not suffer or struggle alone through life's challenging times.

Associates may: visit congregants who are ill at home or in the hospital, support those going through major life transition or crisis, maintain contact with those unable to attend Seaside's services due to illness or disability, support family and friends who are involved in care-giving, comfort the bereaved, etc.

Contact Rebecca to find out how you can get involved in supporting this incredibly, spiritually fulfilling connection group.

Audra Nicole, RScP