Earthcare is our Spiritual Path



As of January 2017, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living joins leaders in the green movement by being powered by the sun.


Please join us during the Season for the Earth at Seaside to consciously choose to make the small changes in your life that can have a BIG impact on honoring our Earth and keeping it healthy for our own and future generations.  Since the whole universe is the body of God, so is our Earth. It is our responsibility to do whatever we can to be excellent stewards of the amazing home we have been given, our beautiful Earth.

Want to learn more? Email Sandy Atkinson, RScP

Our Mission for Seaside Earth Care's Ministry in 2018

We agree to transform our individual and congregational lives into acts of sacred stewardship, discarding harmful habits for new behaviors that demonstrate our respect for the interconnectedness of all creation. 

Have you purchased your reusable shopping bag from the bookstore yet? 

Help protect the environment and prevent clogged storm drains, polluted oceans, and streams. Utilize reusable bags instead of toxic, waste producing, single use bags. 

Grocery/Pharmaceutical Store Bans: 
 Encinitas - now in effect 
 Solana Beach - now in effect
 Our Bookstore has some reusable bags for sale 
Single use bags will still be available in stores for produce and meats. You can use them or newspaper bags for your pet waste.

Download our Earthcare Covenant Here

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living is Proudly Green