-Enrichment Offerings-

Soul Expressions

Intuitive Art from the Inside Out with Linda DeMont

In this class you will connect with your deepest essence, your Soul.  This connection may come through a small voice, vision, awareness of a limiting belief, physical, financial, or relationship concern or anything that your Soul desires to express on canvas.


No previous art experience is needed.  Just bring an open mind and heart that desires an expanded view of Self.  You will go home with a completed project that will continue to manifest meaning in your life!


Benefits of this class are:

Connect with the God Presence for guidance.

Explore the materials available to  give form to the ideas and insights


Reflect and learn about your

approach to the unknown.

Walk away with an image on

canvas that expresses your Soul’s concerns and desires.

Wednesday Afternoons  —  2:00 to 4:00pm

4 Classes (one class per month)

September 13, October 11, November 8,

December 13

Class Fee:  $40 per class