Tai-Chi Chuan

With Pamela Allen

-Enrichment Offerings-

Tao-chi Chuan movements are coordinated with the breath in

order to integrate body, mind, and spirit.  In China, where Tai-chi originated, it is common to see hundreds of people every morning beginning their day with these slow rhythmic movements that increase energy flow and decrease stress, while

improving concentration and balance.  Beginning students will be taught a complete routine.  Students should wear comfortable clothes and supportive shoes.




· Improve balance

· Decrease stress

· Improve concentration

· Increase awareness of life energy , how to tune into it, and move it around in the body

· Increase body/mind/spirit connection and unity.


This is not a drop-in class; movements are taught sequentially.


Thursday mornings  —  10:00 to 11:00am  —  12 weeks


September 7 to November 30  —  Class Fee:  $60