Animal Lovers Unite - There is Spirit in all Beings

Wagging Tails Connection Group honors the  life of all God’s creatures, promising them  our love, care and respect. We involve  ourselves by supporting the animals in our  Seaside Family as well as those in our community.

Driven with passion, we continue to find ways to serve animals, to celebrate them and to make our world a better place for them and ourselves.

Prayer: For your pet and/or yourself whenever the need arises. Also remember your pet when using the prayer request chest located in the sanctuary. 

Support & Assistance: When it's time to say goodbye. We are here to help you through the difficult moment of "letting go". We can also help plan a healing Memorial Service/Honoring Ceremony for you and your family.  

Community Pet Blessing: All animals in the community are invited to be honored and individually blessed at this annual celebration in October. We also have a “remembering altar” for our pets that have passed on. 

Community Outreach: Banding together as a group and assisting with projects out in the community.  

Healing Visitations: We are developing a Wagging Tails Brigade to visit places where our animals can work their healing magic on those in hospitals, nursing homes and more. 

Watch the Calendar for 
Upcoming Events


Animal Blessings
Animal Remembrance Service
Raffle to support animal Outreach in the community