Welcome Home!


Seaside is a caring, connected & expanding community sharing practical tools for richer spiritual living.

We're so delighted you are here to check us out. Seaside 
is changing lives. We're a joyful, loving and welcoming community where you can come for great music and a spirited message. We honor all paths to God, so no matter what your religious tradition has been, we'd love to see you at Seaside Center.

What can I expect services to be like? 

Sunday is fashioned for the early bird with a 9am service and the late riser, with a service at 11am. Both are held in the main 350 seat sanctuary feature the same great inspiring message and amazing music! Both also feature options for children ranging in ages from 3-17. 

What programs exist for children? 

Seaside Kids is a program offered every Sunday at both services. More on this great program can be accessed here.

Where is Seaside Center located? 

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living is located at 1613 Lake Drive in Encinitas. The main entrance is on the west side of the building through the door with the blue awning. During Sunday services, greeters are also located at the front entrance (Family Room) with equal access to the main hall. 

Where do I park? 

First time visitors can park on the west side of our building lot in the spaces allocated to new visitors. First service parking is always available on premise. Second service parking often has overflow into the adjoining recreational field's parking lot to the southwest of our building. There is an easy cut through path to get to the adjacent parking. Also, there is specific parking allocated to those with special challenges. If you have questions, ask the greeter at the front door of the Family room on the North side of the building.

I have more questions? 

If you want to know more about our philosophy or anything else, please contact the center M-F by calling (760) 753-5786.

What if I'm reaching out for Prayer Support?

Prayer is the foundation of our community and there are many options from Ministers to individual Spiritual Practitioners who are available to support you. Call us at (760) 753-5786 to arrange a spiritual consultation. 

How do I find my circle? 

The purpose of smaller connection groups is in finding people who have similar interest and frame of mind as you. 

How do I volunteer my time? 

Service is a spiritual practice. It offers infinite opportunities to share of your gifts and talents making a difference in the lives of others. Seaside offers a variety of service opportunities. Let's get to know one another by working together in the spirit of service. Volunteer Contact.