The first step is the biggest step - Seaside's Welcome Ambassadors are the first contact visitors have 

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

A Committed Part of a Greater Community

Seaside's Welcome Ambassadors

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living begins outreach the moment our visitors come onto the campus. Welcoming everyone into the fold of our community is one of the most important roles a Seaside member can play.


What are we trying to achieve as welcome ambassadors for our community? 


• to meet our visitors' and members' needs

• to make our visitors feel at ease  

• to encourage our visitors to feel our genuine interest in them

• to help our visitor's feel at home

• to support our visitors in feeling comfortable

• to meet and make new friends

• to encourage our visitors to want to come back

• to make everyone feel loved

• to encourage others in feeling our sincerity

• to keep the members we have happy

• to support everyone in feeling important  

Are you interested in being part of this dynamic and bonded group of ambassadors? Contact Deborah Heath or Sunny Goodwin.