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What if-- Life is a Dream...

And the only way you can wake up is to learn to be happy

with Grace Avalon

Spirituality is not strange or scary — This class emphasizes how to hear and trust your inner voice; that voice will

always lead to higher good. While you have been given the power of choice and co-creation, you must ask Spirit to be your guide. Trust!


This class emphasizes how to hear. Every fear, every

experience holds a gift, if you are willing to see it. The

happiness and security you search for lies in your

commitment to love and forgive. The Course in Miracles states, “God’s will for us is perfect joy and happiness.”




  • Life is a teacher for realizing your own sanity

  • Find and trust your inner voice

  • You can give up being a victim and find your power

  • Joy is the highest virtue



See only love for that is what you are!


Suggested reading:

Thank God I’m Crazy by Grace Avalon


Saturday Morning — April 28th

1:00pm to 3:30pm

Class Fee:  $30.00